Mission Statement

LEAD is an intersectional and trauma-informed community leadership development program.

We honor hopeful community visions, language, culture, and spirituality in the service of institutional and community change.

We believe that service, in the spirit of trusting compassionate connection, is the answer to many of the social problems we face today. 

Our vision is one of nurturing leadership skills through reflexivity, community mapping, and loving acceptance through high-impact community engagement.

We believe in the power of our words and in the power of our social actions.

LEAD Goals

The goal of LEAD is to reinforce our appreciation and witness to colonized people’s cultural historic struggles through collaborative learning experiences. We strive to create a sense of comunidad among participants that generates trust, respect, equality, and a desire to daily practice the creation of positive change.

To fulfill our mission, LEAD fosters leadership nurturance through hands-on training and year-round community engagement projects. We serve as support for Latinx communities and allies. 

Ev and Francisco  

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