Library Research Classes

LIB 1: Library Research Skills

Introduces skills needed to locate, evaluate, and cite information. Prepares students to do the basic research necessary to complete written and oral assignments. Transfers to UC and CSU.
Note:  there are 2 sections of LIB 1.  
A traditional 12 week class and also a 6 week section beginning week 6 of the quarter.

LIB 51: Business Resources on the World Wide Web

The ability to locate information about companies and industries is essential for students who will be interviewing, applying for jobs, planning to start their own business or thinking about a business career. Transfers to CSU.

LIB 53: Advanced Internet Searching

Identify harder to find information sources and critically evaluate these for quality and relevancy needed to locate, evaluate, and cite information. Transfers to CSU.

Classes are taught by Library faculty and offered online through the Online Education Center. Each class is one unit.

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