About MPS Program

Our Mission

The Math Performance Success (MPS ) program aims to close the equity gap by improving student success in math through innovative and collaborative approaches including extended lecture time, in-class tutoring, and embedded counseling services.

With the Math Performance Success (MPS) program, you'll find a team of instructors, counselors and tutors who work closely with students to provide a supportive environment and help them succeed in Math.


If you have had a tough time with math in the past, MPS can help!


MPS students receive:

  • Specialized instruction in a supportive and interactive learning environment
  • Extended instruction time
  • Additional tutoring services (Inside and outside of the classroom)
  • Specialized counseling service (Inside and outside of the classroom)
  • Book and calculator loan
  • Program activities (i.e., workshops and field trips)


Courses Offered         

  • Math 114: Intermediate Algebra
  • Math 10: Statistics and Probability
  • Math 41, 42 and 43: Precalculus

Course Schedule for Spring 2019

You'll find spring course offerings by checking the Class Schedule webpage. To identify MPS courses, look for a section number that contains "MP" – such as 01MP, 02MP, etc.

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