Math Performance Success Program

Math Performance Success




DISCOVER effective ways to improve your achievement in math through innovative and collaborative approaches. If you have had a tough time with math in the past, MPS can help.


The Math Performance Success (MPS) Program at De Anza is ateam of instructors, counselors and tutors work closely to provide a supportive environment to help students succeed in Math.


MPS students receive . . .

  • Specialized instruction in a supportive and fun learning environment
  • Additional tutoring services
  • Specialized counseling services
Courses Offered
  • Math 210: Pre-Algebra
  • Math 212: Elementary Algebra
  • Math 114: Intermediate Algebra
  • Math 10: Statistics & Probability

Award-Winning Success Rates

Nearly everyone who enters the program successfully meets their goal. MPS provides the necessary support for all students to succeed.


In the News

Doubling classroom time helps community college student overcome math hurdles
Ed Source (Feb. 9, 2012)


MPS CONTACT Contact: PSME Division Office
Phone: 408.864.8800
Location:  S3, Room S31


Last Updated: 6/24/16