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Changed 7/14/23: RN Wait List.7.2023: Updated Wait List Available. See announcement regarding Waiting List.

Changed 4/28/14: Updated College Course Equivalency Spreadsheet: Micro 101 - SJSU must be approved with a petition for equivalency. Blank fields updated with no equivalent class comments. No further content changes.

Programs Offered

Three programs are offered by the nursing department at De Anza College:

  • Registered Nursing (Associate of Science Degree)
  • LVN Transition to Registered Nursing (Associate of Science Degree)
  • Advanced Placement for Military Health Providers 

For more details about these programs, see the Program Information document below and attend an information meeting.

There is an Advanced Placement option to allow students from other registered nursing programs to transfer into our Registered Nursing Program, space permitting. The prerequisites are identical to those of the RN program except that Nursing 50 is not required and the co-requisite Sociology or Cultural Anthropology class is a prerequisite. Detailed documentation of previous nursing education would be required beyond normal RN program requirements.

Additional information on the LVN Transition to RN is provided at the following link:  LVN Transition to RN

Additional information on the Advanced Placement for Military Health Providers is provided at the following link: Advanced Placement for Military Health Providers.

We also provide RN Refresher opportunities, if adequate resources are available. At this time, we are not taking applications for the RN Refresher program. The program is not in operation.

Information Meetings & Application Workshops

Information Meetings and Application workshops are held 1 to 2 times per quarter, except during the summer.
Information Meetings provide an overview of our nursing programs and requirements.
Please schedule an Application Appointment the quarter before you plan to apply to any Nursing Program to make sure you are preparing correctly.
Go to the Information Meetings page (link to the left) for more information.

Application Periods

There are three application periods per year for all nursing programs: 

  • September 1 to September 15.
  • November 15 to January 15. 
  • February 15 to April 15. 
A successful application allows you to be placed with all other successful applicants at the end of a program's Waiting List.
The HESI Admission Assessment Exam must be taken no later than the last day of the application period, preferably sooner so you can include the results with your application.
See the Announcements Page (link to the left) for details as application periods become closer.

HESI Admission Assessment Exam

Information about the required HESI Admission Assessment Exam is found in the Program Information and HESI/Evolve Reach Admission Assessment Exam Registration Instructions documents below. The registration process and performance requirements that must be met before applying to a nursing program are explained. There is also an announcement about the exam on the Announcements web page that should be read before taking the test.

Information Documents & Application

The following are links to documents that provide information about De Anza College Nursing Programs. Please feel free to save the documents for your personal use, but check back for updates.

All the documents provided on this page are in Portable Document Format (PDF). You will need Adobe Reader or another PDF-aware application to view these documents. If you do not have the reader you can download it for free at Adobe's Web site

  • Program Information - Detailed information about the Nursing Program covering: preparation/prerequisites, admission assessment exam registration, application, selection and admission information. It lists the prerequisites needed to apply and other useful eligibility information. (Updated 10/13/2017 - clarifications made.)
  • De Anza College Nursing Department Drug and Substance Abuse Policy -
  • Getting Started - A short, one page worksheet with prerequisites and general education information for the RN Program. Great to take to your first visit to the counseling department to discuss an education plan. (Updated 9/15/16 - Simplify, added exam step)
  • College Course Equivalency Spreadsheet (CCES) - A spreadsheet listing courses at offered at colleges near De Anza that are equivalent to the following De Anza College Nursing Program prerequisites: Anatomy & Physiology, Microbiology, Nutrition, Developmental Psychology. (Changed 4/28/14: Micro 20 added to SJSU. Blank fields updated with no equivalent class comments. No further content changes.)
  • Immunization Worksheet - This is a summary of all of the immunization requirements for the nursing program. Items 1 to 5 can be worked on while you are waiting to be selected to start the program. (Updated 10/20/2015 - Added flu vaccination requirement, small change stressing that you must be enrolled and have fees paid to use De Anza Student Health Services)
  • Flu Vaccination Verification Form - To be completed and returned by students getting flu shot required by incoming and current students in the Nursing Program if provider doesn't provide documentation that vaccine given. Please refer to announcement on announcements page. (New as of 2/7/12.)
  • COVID Vaccination - Effective Fall 2021 COVID Vaccination is required by our Clinical Partners for all Instructors and students.
  • Chancellor's Formula Worksheet - A Microsoft© Excel© spreadsheet allowing you to figure out your score for the Chancellor's formula documented in the Program Information document above. The use of this spreadsheet is demonstrated in the Program Information and Application Workshop meetings. (Updated 6/30/10)
  • HESI/Evolve Reach Admission Assessment Exam Registration Instructions - provided by the Exam publisher on the following procedures: 1) Creating an account on the Elsevier web site and 2) Registering to take the exam. If you require special accommodations, do not perform step 2. See the Program Information document above for more information about the Exam. (Added on 10/27/10)
  • Nursing Program Application - This link is to the Nursing Program Application. It is to be used for first time applications and for re-applying if you were previously rejected. It can be used for application to the 2-year RN program, the LVN to RN Transition Program, and the RN Advanced Placement (transfer) Program. Pages 6 and 7 of this document are also useful to keep track of your progress toward completing your prerequisites and GE class work. Military/Veterans information/experience added to application.(Update 5/25/16 - Clarifications added.)
  • RN Program Wait List July 2023- This is the current waiting list for the RN program. New Applicants to the RN program who meet the admission criteria will be added to the end of the Waiting List. More details about the process are in the Program Information document above and is also described in the public information meetings. There are announcements regarding the list on the Announcements page (link to the left). (Changed 10/18/18: Updated Fall class. See announcement about Waiting List.)
  • Nursing Course Challenge Policy
  • NCLEX Pass Rates
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