All parking at De Anza requires a paid fee or permit, except in spaces designated for disabled parking or 30-minute visitor parking. Overnight parking is not permitted.

Parking Fees Waived

Under a temporary policy, students can park for FREE on campus through the 2024-25 academic year without purchasing a parking permit. Students should continue to park only in spaces designated for students.

How to buy a parking permit

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Quarterly and Annual Permits

To avoid paying for a parking permit each day, students may pay a quarterly or annual fee for a parking decal that can be transferred from one vehicle windshield to another. (The motorcycle decal goes on the bumper.)

The quarterly decal must be purchased online each quarter, and a separate decal is necessary for summer. You are eligible for a refund only if you return the unused decal to the campus police substation, on the lower level of the Campus Center, by the second Friday of the quarter (first Friday of summer session), or if all your classes are cancelled by the college. 

Quarterly Parking Fee

Note: The parking fees listed below are waived through the fall quarter of 2024

  • Automobiles (cars or trucks): $26.65
  • Motorcycles or mopeds: $15

Summer Parking Fee

Note: The parking fees listed below are waived through the fall quarter of 2024

  • Automobiles (cars or trucks): $20
  • Motorcycles or mopeds: $15

Annual Parking Fee

Note: The parking fees listed below are waived through the fall quarter of 2024

  • All vehicles: $90 if purchased at the start of summer session; $70 if purchased at the start of fall quarter; $50 if purchased at the start of spring quarter.
  • This fee is nonrefundable.

BOG Fee Waiver / California College Promise

Note: The parking fees listed below are waived through the fall quarter of 2024

  • Recipients of the California College Promise Fee Waiver, previously known as the BOG Fee Waiver, may purchase a parking decal for $13.15 per quarter.

All fees are subject to change without notice.

Parking Decal Must be Purchased Online

Parking decals must be purchased online through MyPortal: Open the Apps page and click on the "Student Registration" tile in the Students section, then click on "Order De Anza Parking Permit."

Orders are processed and decals will be mailed by the next business day. Upon completion of the online purchase, you will receive a purchase confirmation via email or text message. You will also be provided with a printable receipt and an interim permit, good for 15 days from the date of purchase, that you can print out. The interim permit is for temporary display until your decal arrives in the mail. All decals are mailed to the delivery address specified on the order.

  • You will be required to pay for a new parking decal if yours is stolen, lost or damaged, or if you entered an incorrect or incomplete delivery address when ordering.


Guest Permits

Visitors may park free for a maximum of 30 minutes in designated areas (see below) or purchase a one-day parking permit (see below). 

One-Day Permits

parking machineYou can purchase a one-day parking permit for $3 from the yellow machines located in each student parking lot and in the Flint and Stelling garages.

The machines will accept credit cards or nickels, dimes, quarters, and dollar bills – but they will not give change.

One-day permits are valid in student lots only.

Thirty-Minute Free Parking

There are parking spaces with no-permit required for short-term parking needs in these lots

  • Lot A, near the Registration & Student Services Building (Admissions Office, Bookstore, other offices)
  • Lot C, near the Physical Education Quad

There are also a few 20-minute spaces in the Flint Garage. See our Campus Map page for help finding these lots.

Car Pool Reserved Parking

carpoolThere are a limited number of reserved car pool spaces available in parking lots A, C, D and E. You must apply to the Foothill-De Anza District Police for a car pool parking permit to use one of these spaces. Download and complete the application for a student car pool permit or an employee car pool permit.

Disability Parking

disability parking signIf you have a Department of Motor Vehicles disability placard or license plate, you don’t need to buy a De Anza parking permit. You may park in any student or staff space, provided that your DMV placard is visible through your windshield.

Every De Anza parking lot has designated spaces for cars with disability parking placards or license plates. Some disability spaces are extra wide and intended for people using wheelchairs. For more information, see our Disability Parking page.

Special Event Parking

The parking fee for special events on campus, including the Flea Market and some Flint Center events, is $5. Parking for select Flint Center events is $10.

Employee Parking 

staff parkingAll yellow-striped parking stalls are for faculty and staff parking only. Cars must display a parking decal provided by the Foothill-De Anza Community College District.

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