Here's Where You Can Park 

Parking permits are generally required in all parking lots except in spaces designated for disabled parking (with a disabled placard) or 30-minute visitor parking. Scroll down this page for a directory of parking lots and garages on campus, and the types of parking available at each.

Parking Fees Waived

Under a temporary policy, students can park for FREE on campus through the 2024-25 academic year without purchasing a parking permit. Students should continue to park only in spaces designated for students.

Pickup and Drop-Off

In addition to the parking areas listed below, there are three passenger pickup and drop-off areas

  • Flint Center – at Flint Center Circle, just past the main entry to Flint Garage
  • Registration & Student Services – in front of the building, in parking Lot A
  • Physical Education Quad – between Building L and the PE Quad, in parking Lot C

Free Parking for 30 Minutes

You can park free, without a permit, for no more than 30 minutes in designated spaces in these lots

  • Lot A1, near the Registration & Student Services Building (Admissions Office, Cashier, Bookstore)
  • Lot C, near the Physical Education Quad and PE 2

There are also a few 20-minute spaces in the Flint Garage.

Electric Vehicle Charging

The electric vehicle charging stations on campus are being upgraded. Watch for new stations coming soon!

Directory of Parking Areas

  • Staff Lot J is closed until further notice so it can be used as a staging area for work on the Flint Center project.
Parking Area Nearby Buildings or
Areas of Campus
Designated Student Parking Spaces? Designated Staff Parking Spaces? Designated Carpool Parking Spaces? Designated Motorcycle Parking Spaces? Electric Vehicle Charging Stations?
Flint Garage Flint Center, Media & Learning Center, East Cottage, A Quad, Library and Learning Center West, S Quad Yes Yes No Yes No
Lot A1  Registration & Student Service Building (facing Stevens Creek Boulevard)  No Yes No No No
Lot A Visual & Performing Arts Center, Euphrat Museum, Registration & Student Services Building Yes No Yes Yes No
Lot B Multicultural Center, Advanced Technology Center, L Quad, Campus Center, Administration Building Yes Yes No No Yes 
Lot C Physical Education Quad, Sports Fields, Mod Quad C Yes No No Yes No
Stelling Garage Physical Education Quad, Sports Fields, Mod Quad C, Kirsch Center, Cheeseman Environmental Study Area Yes  Yes No Yes No
Lot C1 Kirsch Center, Cheeseman Environmental Study Area, Sports Fields Yes Yes No No No
Lot D Kirsch Center, Cheeseman Environmental Study Area Yes Yes Yes No No
Lot E Child Development Center, Science Center, Planetarium,
S Quad
Yes  Yes Yes Yes No
Lot F S Quad No Yes No No No
Lot H (Print Shop Only) No No No
Lot J A Quad No Yes No No  No

Questions About Parking?

Contact the Foothill-De Anza district police

  • Lower level in the Campus Center
  • For non-emergencies, call 650.949.7313 
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