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Noncredit Photo and Digital Photo Courses at De Anza 

young man with camera photographing group of studentsDe Anza College is offering TUITION-FREE noncredit courses and certificates for students who want to acquire new skills in the fields of photography, commercial lighting and digital post-production.

With these courses, you can 

  • Gain valuable skills for personal growth and professional advancement
  • Explore new career options, without worrying about tuition or grades
  • Earn noncredit certificates in key employment fields
  • Take the same course again if you'd like – there are no limits on repeating noncredit courses


Choose From These Noncredit Courses

  • PHTG 301: Basic Photography
  • PHTG 303: Advanced Photography
  • PHTG 304: Introduction to Digital Photography
  • PHTG 305: Intermediate Digital Photography
  • PHTG 357A: Commercial Lighting I
  • PHTG 357B: Commercial Lighting II
  • PHTG 358A: Photographic Photoshop I
  • PHTG 358B: Photographic Photoshop II

Visit the PHTG Courses webpage for detailed course descriptions and check the Class Schedule to see which courses are offered during a particular quarter.

Earn These Noncredit Certificates of Completion


  • Photographic Arts - Transfer MapDetails for Transfer Map - Photographic Arts

    A transfer map is a suggested schedule of courses to take each quarter, if you are planning to transfer and pursue a bachelor’s degree in a particular subject. These maps were created to help you get a solid footing in the subject and stay on track with courses commonly required by CSU or UC schools, but they do not guarantee your admission to any university. It’s important that you work with a counselor or academic adviser to determine exactly which classes you need to reach your particular goal.

    Transfer Map

  • Photography: Noncredit

  • Commercial Lighting - Certificate of CompletionDetails for Certificate of Completion - Commercial Lighting

    The Certificate of Completion in Commercial Lighting sequence provides a foundational education in photographic lighting, editing and business practices. Courses emphasize the skills and knowledge necessary for employment as a photographers assistant, or for starting a small business as a commercial photographer. Additional courses review foundational photographic skills including shooting with a camera manually and editing in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.


  • Photographic Retouching and Digital Post-Production - Certificate of CompletionDetails for Certificate of Completion - Photographic Retouching and Digital Post-Production

    The Certificate of Completion in Photographic Retouching and Post-Production sequence provides the foundational skills required to edit and retouch digital images in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. Students learn the necessary skills to create finished digital images. This includes learning how to operate a camera manually as well as how to composite and retouch images. Upon completion of this sequence, students will have the foundational skills required to work as a photographic retoucher.


In addition to the programs listed above, you may be able to apply courses in this department toward General Education requirements.

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