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Want to learn a new subject, improve your skills, or get ahead in your job or career?


De Anza College now offers FREE noncredit courses and certificate programs.

  • No tuition or registration fees
  • No prerequisites or placement tests (except for English as a Second Language)
  • No limits on repeating a noncredit course

Explore These Noncredit Programs

(You can view the complete college catalog for all academic programs, including credit courses, degrees and certificates, at

NEW Noncredit transcripts are now available. See below for the steps to request a transcript of noncredit courses you've taken at De Anza.

Why Take Noncredit Classes?

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Noncredit courses are a great way to extend  or begin  your college education!

You can get valuable job training, sharpen your skills before taking credit courses, or simply expand your knowledge on a subject you're interested in. 

(These courses won’t count toward earning a college degree or academic certificate.)


It’s Easy to Register

Apply Online

You must be admitted to De Anza before you can register for any class. Fortunately, it's easy to apply online, using the statewide community college application system known as OpenCCC.

  • To submit an application, you will need to create an account on this system.
  • Follow the prompts when you click on this OpenCCC application link. 


IMPORTANT! The registration steps outlined on this webpage are meant for students who are not planning to pursue an academic degree or transfer to a university. 

  • If you are thinking about pursuing any type of degree or transfer, you should follow the steps on the Apply and Register webpage instead of the steps listed here.
  • The directions on this webpage will skip some of the steps needed to qualify for priority registration, which means it could be more difficult to get into other classes you may need for a degree or transfer. To qualify for priority enrollment, you must follow the steps on the Apply and Register page.

Check Your Email

After you apply, you should receive an email from De Anza College within one to two weeks.

  • The email will include your De Anza student ID number, known as a Campuswide ID or CWID.
  • You need this CWID to register for classes
  • If you don't receive an email, check to make sure that you completed your application on the OpenCCC system, and then use the Admissions Office contact form to request help.

Choose Your Courses

Search the Online Schedule for the noncredit courses you wish to take. Look for course numbers in the 300s or 400s, since these indicate noncredit courses under De Anza's course numbering system. Be sure to check the course description to confirm there is a noncredit version offered.

  • Make a note of the five-digit Course Registration Number (CRN), which you will need to "add" (register for) classes in our MyPortal system.
  • Click on the "Title" link for each class to open a screen with detailed information, including class meeting times, prerequisites and any required books or materials.

Find Your Registration Date

Be sure to find out your date to register for the quarter you want to attend. 

  • You can confirm your date by checking MyPortal about two weeks before registration opens: Use your CWID to log in to MyPortal and then open the Apps section, then click on the "Student Registration" tile and select "Get Date to Register"
  • If you haven't used MyPortal before, check our list of MyPortal Login Tips
  • You'll want to register as soon as you can, for the best chances of getting into the class that you want.

Register for Classes 

Use your CWID to log in to MyPortal, then open the Apps section and click on the "Student Registration" tile.

  • Look under "Registration Tools" and select "Add or Drop Classes"
  • Choose the term or quarter that you want to attend
  • Enter the 5-digit CRN previously noted or select "Class Search" at the bottom and browse for courses in the department you're interestedin
  • If a class you want is closed, check to see if there's another section for the course that you need.
  • If no other time will fit into your schedule of classes, add your name to a class Waitlist.
  • You can also try to Add Classes after the quarter begins, by attending the first class session. (For online classes, you will need to email the instructor before the first class.)

More Information

group of students and teacherEligibility: You must be age 18 or older, or have completed high school, to enroll in noncredit courses.

  • Undocumented students can take noncredit classes.
  • Students attending on an F-1 visa can take noncredit classes if they are also taking at least 12 credit units to maintain their full-time student status. 

Attendance: Students are expected to attend all classes and complete all assigned coursework. In some cases, noncredit students may be in the same classroom with credit students, even though they are officially enrolled in separately numbered courses.

Fees: Noncredit courses are tuition-free. However, students are responsible for purchasing their own materials and textbooks for the course. Noncredit students can also opt in to pay De Anza College basic fees for student programs or services – including the SmartPass, which provides unlimited rides on Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority buses and light rail lines.

Why Offer Noncredit Courses?

  • The Board of Governors for California Community Colleges established a framework for offering noncredit classes and programs to increase educational access to students from diverse backgrounds.
  • Noncredit courses can be a starting point for many individuals – particularly immigrants, the economically disadvantaged or adults with lower skills – on a pathway to learning basic skills, preparing to enter the workforce, transitioning to for-credit programs and transferring to a four-year university.

We Are Here To Help!

  • For questions about a particular course or program, please contact the department or division that offers the course.
  • For questions about registration, please contact the Admissions and Records Office by using their online help form

NEW Noncredit Transcripts Now Available

How to Request a Transcript

You can now get an official transcript showing noncredit courses completed at De Anza College. To request a transcript, follow these steps:

  1. Adobe Sign Student FormsLog in to MyPortal and open the Apps section
  2. Click on the tile for Adobe Sign Student Forms
  3. Look in the list of Student Webforms and then select the De Anza Noncredit Transcript Request Form
  4. When the form opens on your screen, click the yellow Start button and then fill in the required fields. Be sure to attach a valid photo ID and then click on Click to Sign.
  5. You will receive an email from Adobe to confirm your email address. Be sure to follow the instructions to complete this step.  
  6. You will be notified by email when your request is processed. Please read the email closely to learn whether there is a fee for the transcript. You will need to pay the fee before the transcript is produced.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Will I be graded? 

  • Can I take the same course again?

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  • Can I "convert" a noncredit class to a for-credit class?

  • Can I get a certificate?

  • Are there prerequisites? 

  • Do I need to take a placement test?

  • Are noncredit courses transferrable?

  • Can I get a Student ID card?

  • Will I need a parking permit?

  • Can I get a transit SmartPass?

  • Can I get a transcript?

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About a course or program:

Please contact the department or division that offers the course or program.

About registration:

Please contact the Admissions and Records Office by using their online help form. (The office is on the first floor of the Registration & Student Services Building, across from the Bookstore.)

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