Mark Your Calendar!

Here's a list of upcoming events for Rising Scholars and their allies.

Friday, Sept. 29: "Almost Home: Life After Incarceration" 

Join us to view a feature-length documentary that follows Rising Scholars as they navigate post-incarceration. This tight-knit group shares their inspiring stories and illustrates how access to resources transforms lives, opens doors, heals trauma, and uplifts entire families and communities. The film was created by the Palomar College Television (PCTV) documentary team, has won two Emmy awards, and premiered at the TCL Chinese Theater in July.

Thursday, Oct. 17: Landing a Job In Your Field of Study

A leading talent acquisition strategist in California and a gainfully employed formerly incarcerated student will lead a discussion on the necessary strategies to becoming gainfully employed in your field of study.

Monday, Oct. 30: Improving the Lives of Men of Color

This session will examine ecological factors, human development dimensions, and institutional milestones that contribute to life outcomes. It serves as a framework for better understanding social problems as well as developing interventions and solutions that will result in improved life outcomes for people of color and low-income communities.

Monday, Nov. 27: Underground Scholars 

The Underground Scholars Empowering Futures Ambassador program hires and trains formerly incarcerated community college students across the state. The Credible Messengers initiative is the transformative power of academically driven credible messengers – scholars who have emerged from similar backgrounds and mentor those who are facing similar challenges.

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