Spring 2022 De Anza College

This email was sent to students who attended De Anza in fall 2021 but did not take classes in winter 2022.

Feb. 22, 2022

We Really Want You Back!

Dear Student,

Going to college is never easy. And with everything happening in the world, we can understand if you needed to step away from classes this quarter. That's why we're offering extra support so you can come back to De Anza this spring.

You won't have to do it alone. We can assist you with

  • Financial aid for fees, books and computers, plus emergency cash grants for students who are facing an urgent expense
  • A Food Pantry and resources for those who are struggling with basic needs
  • Tutoring, workshops and academic support for every subject
  • Dedicated Outreach counselors who can assist you with finding the right courses and creating an educational plan that will get you back on track to accomplish your goals

This spring, we’re offering both online and in-person classes, with dedicated Zoom spaces on campus for students who need a place with power outlets and good Wi-Fi.

All we ask is a chance to connect you with the right resources. To start, why not get in touch with Erick Aragon? He's a counselor in De Anza’s Office of Outreach and you can send him an email at aragonerick@deanza.edu. Erick can answer your questions and work with you to find the best ways that we can support you at De Anza.

Since you didn’t attend classes this quarter, you'll also need to submit a new application for spring. It's easy – you’ve done it before! Go ahead and follow the steps at deanza.edu/apply-and-register.

We know the last two years have been difficult. Many students struggled to find the money and time for college while dealing with COVID-19 and other challenges. But we’re confident that you can succeed at De Anza – and we’d love to see you again this spring!

Best wishes,
De Anza College

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