DEMONSTRATION SPEECH                                              
Prepare a Demonstration Speech that will be from 4-to-6 minutes in length and demonstrate a process about how something is done, made, or prepared. A visual aid is required for this assignment.

Prepare a full-preparation outline consisting of an introduction, body, conclusion, and a bibliography. This outline must be submitted to the instructor before you deliver your presentation. The body of the speech should have two to three main points.

Plan to use 4-by-6 inch note cards and deliver your remarks extemporaneously.

This speech should not be read or memorized. Try to personalize your presentation by demonstrating something that you are familiar with either currently or from a past experience, such as from a hobby or from a work experience.

Remember to speak to your audience; try to formulate a speech that appeals to their interest.

Use at least one verbal citation during the body of your demonstration speech and provide that citation (in written form) in the body of your outline and in your bibliography section.

Do not use illegal or dangerous materials for this presentation. Do not use animals or pets for this speech.

During this graded speech, concentrate on establishing the following:

•    Eye contact
•    Formulating a clear purpose
•    Avoiding distracting mannerisms
•    Using an attention getting introduction and a memorable conclusion
•    Using connectives
•    Adhering to the time limits of between four and six minutes

Be prepared to answer questions from your classmates following your presentation.

This speech is worth 30-points. The full-preparation outline is worth five-points.

Demonstration Speech Self-Critique:

Within seven days of delivery of this speech, students should submit a two page, typed self-critique that is worth 10-points. Late submissions will not be accepted.

Emailed assignments will not be accepted for this assignment. Submit a physical copy of this assignment to the instructor.

Refer to this Web site for the self-critique for the demonstration speech assignment.

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