Persuasive Speech and Audience Analysis

Prepare a persuasive speech from six to eight (6-8) minutes in length that focuses on persuading the audience to be for or against a proposition of fact, value, or policy. 

No visual aids are permitted for this assignment.

You should use one of the following organizational formats: the problem-solution, problem-cause-solution, or Monroe’s Motivated Sequence.

Choose a topic that is controversial, an issue that is important to you and to your audience. 

You must verbally cite three different sources during your speech, incorporate those sources in the body of your outline, and list those sources in the reference section of your preparation outline.

Plan to use 4x6 note cards and deliver your remarks extemporaneously.

You will be responsible for developing and submitting a one-page, typed audience analysis of your topic to the class for student distribution. The purpose of the audience analysis is to discover your target audience. Include ten questions consisting of a combination of fixed alternative, scale, and open ended questions (See example questions below.)

On a designated date by the instructor, students must bring sufficient copies of their audience analysis questionnaire for class members to complete during that class session. You will then analyze the audience analysis results and refer to the results during your speech. 

Five points will be deducted for late submissions.

A copy of your audience analysis results (a one-page synopsis of your findings) and your full-preparation must be submitted to the instructor on the day of persuasive speech.

For this speech, concentrate on the following: staying within the time limits of the assignment; using transitions/connectives for each main point; establishing strong eye contact; avoiding distracting mannerisms; using appropriate language and examples; using evidence and reasoning, audience analysis, and adaptation.

Time permitting in this course, you will be responsible for handling a three-minute question and answer session following your presentation.






Assignment:Prepare ten questions using three different types of questions (Yes/No, Scale, and Open Ended) for a one-page audience analysis questionnaire with sufficient copies for each student in the class (See sample questions below). 

Five points will be deducted for late submissions.


Demographic Information: (Optional information for inclusion in the audience questionnaire. The demographic questions should not be counted as part of the ten target questions.)




Ethnic background

Family Size

Political affiliation

Marital status: Married, Single, Divorced

Major in school

“Yes” or “No” answers:


Are you a licensed California driver? Yes or No

Abortion should be legalized in the United States? Yes or No 

Scale Statements:


The speed limit on highways should be increased to 80 mph.

Agree strongly Agree Undecided Disagree Disagree strongly

The federal government should legalize marijuana for medical use.

Disagree 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Agree

Abortion should remain legal in the United States.

Strongly agree Mildly agree Undecided Mildly disagree Strongly disagree

Open Ended Questions:


What is your opinion about abortion?

What is your position about assisted suicide?

What's your reaction to the drug usage among the teenage population?

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