Music 1C: Introduction to World Music in America

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Welcome to my  Music 1C site. Please check out this quarter's  Course Information Sheet (syllabus) and other course materials. 

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General Information

Calendar, Assignments

Week 1 Sept 26, 28
Tuesday Lecture/Discussion
  • We'll go over the Course Description and overall content of the course, and do an exercise on our connections to the music of our family.

Thursday Lecture/Discussion

To Be read Before Class: 

  • Chapter 1, Before the Trip Begins: Fundamental Issues: What is Music, Music: Universal Language or Culturally Specific Activity, Beware of Labels. You may skip sections from "Knowing the World's Musics" to end of the chapter
  • Read Course Information Sheet if you haven't already done so, and bring questions!
Homework for week 2 
  1. Read
    • Concert Report Guidelines
    • Chapter 2.
      • Read Assigned material from Ch. 2, "How to Listen to World Music" to through end, including "Questions to Consider" 
Week 2 Oct 3, 5

Quiz 1 Tuesday at the start of class: Chapters 2: Pitch through end of Chapter

  • Material to be read before we meet to discuss it.

Tuesday, Thursday Lecture/Discussion

Aural Analysis: Listening to the World's Music - Musical elements


Preparing for Week 3

  • Complete assigned reading, Chapter 12
Week 3: Oct 10, 12
Chapter 12: South America and Mexico: The Amazon Rainforest, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico
  • Quiz 2 at the start of class: Background Preparation," Planning the Itinerary" Through "Argentina." 


  • "Connection" Essay due
  • Continue Chapter 12
  • Andean music communal music-making: panflute (siku) workshop

Week 4: Oct 17, 19

Ch 12, Cont.  Selected reading from Ch. 10: Sub-Saharan Africa:Ghana, Nigeria, central Africa, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Senegal, The Republic of South Africa

  • Quiz 3: Chapter 12: Brazil, Mexico; Ch 10 "Background Preparation" through "Talking Drums" and all material in between.


Week 5: Oct. 24, 26

Chapter 10, Cont. Sub Saharan Africa


Test 1. Chapter 1, 2, 12. The test will consist of approximately 25 multiple choice, matching or true-false questions, Instrument classification identification, along with several short answer and brief essay questions 

  •  Material for the test will be derived from topics covered in class as well as the textbook
  • Remember to bring a pencil and 2052 Scantron form.

 Music 1C Test Preparation Guidelines


  • Quiz:  Chapter 10: "Arrival Central Africa";  through end of chapter. You may skip Uganda. 
  • Listening Assignment 2  postponed. Due Thursday, Nov. 2

Week 6: Oct Oct 31, Nov 2

Chapter 6, Southeast Asia 


  • Quiz on reading: Background Preparation; Planning the Itinerary; Arrival Vietnam, Arrival Thailand (skip Laos, Northeast Thailand). read about Ramayana. 


  • Listening Assignment 2 due

Week 7,  Nov. 7, 9

Chapter 6, Southeast Asia


  • Quiz on reading: Chapter 6: Arrival: Laos and Northeast Thailand through end of chapter. 


Week 8: Nov 14, 16
Chapter 8


  • Test 2: Chapter 10 Sub-Saharan Africa, Chapter 6, Southeast Asia
  • Chapter 8 reading: Background preparation though site 2, Arabic Taqasim for Ud and Buzuq (including Cultural Considerations)
  • Listening Assignment 5 Due Week 9, Thursday
Week 9: Nov 21, 23 Complete Ch. 8. 
Tuesday: Quiz, Ch. 8b: Arrival, Egypt through end of Chapter

No Class Thursday, Nov 23 - Thanksgiving

Week 10: Nov 28, Nov 30
Revised schedule: chapter 7, China, canceled. Week 10 and 11: Ch 13: Canada and the United States
  • Quiz Chapter Ch 13a: Background Preparation through and including Site 5, Bluegrass.
  • Listening Assignment 5 
Thursday: no assignment due
Week 11: Dec. 5, 7
Ch 13, cont.
Tuesday: Quiz, Chapter 13: Read African Site 6: American Spiritual to end of chapter. 
Resources: Chapter 13 Powerpoint - 
Week 12
  • Final Exam: Thursday, Dec 14 1:45- 3:45, Room A11
  • Listening Assignment 7 Chapter 13b 
  • Last day to turn in extra credit work

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