Current Course Offerings

Below are the course listings for the 2018-2019 academic year.

Course Number Course Title Units
NURS 50 Career Opportunities in Nursing 2
NURS 77 Special Projects in Nursing 0.5
NURS 77X Special Projects in Nursing 1
NURS 77Y Special Projects in Nursing 2
NURS 77Z Special Projects in Nursing 3
NURS 81 Fundamental Nursing (Non-Acute/Sub-Acute Care) 4
NURS 81L Fundamental Nursing (Non-Acute/Sub-Acute Care Clinical) 5
NURS 81P Pharmacology I 1.5
NURS 82 Acute Fundamentals/Medical Surgical I 4
NURS 82L Acute Fundamentals/Medical Surgical I (Clinical) 5
NURS 82P Pharmacology II 1.5
NURS 83 Perinatal Nursing 2
NURS 83A Pediatric Nursing 2
NURS 83AL Pediatric Nursing (Clinical) 2.5
NURS 83L Perinatal Nursing (Clinical) 2.5
NURS 83P Pharmacology III 1.5
NURS 83PL Pharmacology III Laboratory 0.5
NURS 84 Medical/Surgical II (Care of the Older Adult) 4
NURS 84C Critical Thinking in Nursing 2
NURS 84L Medical/Surgical II (Care of the Older Adult) - Clinical 5
NURS 85 Advanced Medical-Surgical Concepts 2
NURS 85A Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing (Theory) 2
NURS 85AL Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing (Clinical) 2.5
NURS 85L Advanced Medical-Surgical Clinical 2.5
NURS 86 Leadership/Management in Nursing 2
NURS 86L Leadership/Management Clinical Component 5
NURS 151 Nursing Laboratory Skills for Fundamental (Non-Acute) Nursing 1
NURS 152 Nursing Laboratory Skills for Fundamental Acute Nursing 1
NURS 153 Nursing Laboratory Skills for Pediatric and Perinatal Patients 1
NURS 154 Nursing Laboratory Skills for Care of the Older Adult in an Acute Clinical Setting 0.5
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