Nusring Department

Nursing Department


Information Meeting Dates

General information meetings about the program include

  • Nursing programs offered & their differences
  • Prerequisites & Eligibility Rules
  • Getting started at De Anza
  • Resources available
  • Application process & transcripts
  • Waiting Lists for Programs
  • Post-application requirements
  • Program description & costs
  • Job outlook

There will be time for questions. Doors open 30 minutes before start of session. 

No registration required

Winter quarter meetings will be on Feb. 2 and Mar. 9 at  9:00 - 11:00 a.m. in S55.

Important: To confirm dates, times and locations, please check this web page the evening before or the day of the scheduled meeting. Meetings will always be on the De Anza main campus.

See Parking & Directions note at bottom of this page.

Application Workshop Appointments

  • Questions or problems with eligibility requirements or completing the application?
  • Schedule an appointment to review your completed application.
  • Bring your completed application, with unofficial transcripts and HESI test scores, as if you were going to mail it. If you are not ready, just bring a copy of the application on which you can write notes.The Nursing Department Screening and Selection Coordinator will review your individual application  or other paperwork you bring to the appointment.
  • To schedule your 15 minute appointment, please email
  • Please be on time for your appointment.


Appointment day:  Tuesday,  February 13, 2018 - starting at 8:30 AM in S82f (via S82).


Important: Please  be on time for your appointment! Meetings will always be on the De Anza main campus. 

See Parking & Directions note at bottom of this page.

See the Nursing Program Information page for application period information and to obtain documents about the nursing programs.

See the Announcements Page for updates on requirements and detailed information about current or upcoming application periods.

Parking & Directions

S-81 is on the Northwest corner of the S-8 building (purple buildings on map). S-82 is on the East side of the S-8 building.  See the campus map to locate these buildings, get info on parking, and to get directions to the campus.

One-day parking permits can be obtained from machines in the parking areas. They take 12 quarters, 3 fresh dollar bills and credit cards. If you plan to use the Flint Center parking structure in the Northwest corner of the campus and an event is occurring at the Flint Center, parking costs may be higher and temporary entrance fee signs will be displayed at the entrances. In such instances, you may find cheaper parking in Parking Lots B and C (East side of campus) or E, on the Southwest side of the campus, but not always.

Nursing Department Building: S-82c (via S-82b)
Contact: Deborah Taylor

Phone: 408.864.5618
Fax: 408.864.5681


Last Updated: 1/19/18