Textbook Activities

Students registered in Skills 232 have many options to complete the four Skills Labs:

Click on Skills Labs to review the lab requirements. Also, see specific instructions for the Notes and Journal by subject below.

Textbook Activities by Subject:


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Lab Requirements
  • Select a Chapter, Download Student PowerPoint, & Take (Notes)
  • Create 10 essay questions from key terms under Glossary & Flashcards (Journal)
  • Select BioInquiries, Choose a Chapter, Choose a Section, & Take (Notes)
  • Select Explorations, Choose a Chapter, Choose a Section, and Answer Questions (Journal)
  • Read Parts I - III & Take (Notes)
  • Select four Discussion and Answer Questions (Journal)
  • Select Web Resources, Choose a Chapter, Review the Annotated Web Links, & Take (Notes)
  • Write what you learned about the topic (Journal)
  • Select a Chapter, Read Suggested References, & Take (Notes)
  • Answer Making Connections Questions (Journal)
  • Select a Chapter, Read Web Links, & Take (Notes)
  • Select Critical Thinking Exercises and Write Answers (Journal)

Political Science


Poli 1 & 2

  • Select a Chapter, Review Flash Cards, & Take (Notes)
  • Select Tutorial Quiz, Write down difficult questions, Research the answers, and Discuss what you learned (Journal)

Political Science

Course: Poli 3

  • Choose a Chapter, Read Chapter Summary, & Take (Notes)
  • Write answers from I.R. Focus Questions (Journal)

Political Science

Course: Poli 5

  • Choose a Topic, Read Article, & Take (Notes)
  • Write evaluation applying article to class theory (Journal)
  • Choose a Topic, Read Articles, & Take (Notes)
  • Write an evaluation applying topic to class material, text, and lectures (Journal)
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