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Weekly Individual TutoringWeekly Individual Tutoring Session

One-on-one sessions all quarter long!

Personalized tutoring sessions are lead by trained peer tutors. 

Develop effective learning and studying techniques.  Click here to learn about our Study Skills Packet.

Team up with your designated tutor for one* or two** hours per week for the courses listed below.


* One hour per week for the college-level courses listed below:

  • Math 10, 11, 12, 41, 42, 43, 1A, 217
  • Physics 50, 10, 2A
  • Chemistry 50, 10
  • Biology 10

** Two hours per week for pre-college level courses below:

Math 210, 212, 114

Weekly Individual Tutoring Application

We are not offering weekly individual tutoring for Summer 2016. Please use our drop-in tutoring service.

Interested in courses not listed?                                                                                                      We can still help!  Many advanced courses or courses with fewer section offerings are better options for Group Tutoring.  

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Melissa Aguilar

Diana Alves De Lima


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