Information for Tutors

Information for Tutors

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All SSC tutors in tutor training courses must complete a Video Self-Reflection assignment.  The specific assignment and deadlines vary by tutor training class, but the basic instructions are the same.  For this assignment, tutors need to

  1. Contact your senior tutor in advance to schedule 30 minute meeting for sometime after you will have recorded your session.
  2. Record an entire tutoring session (choose your most reliable student or group)
  3. Watch the entire recording yourself, taking notes on the questions in the assignment (see greensheet and Catalyst)
  4. Choose a segment of the video to watch with your senior tutor
  5. Write up the assignment, following the instructions in the assignment carefully and addressing all of the questions.
  6. Submit your written reflection in Catalyst

If you have your own recording device, with enough memory to record your who session, use that.

If you do not have your own device, you may record yourself on one of the Center's  iPads, or on one of the Macs in the Center, using iMovie. If you prefer a quieter location, reserve a room in the Listening & Speaking Center.

Please determine what you will need  record and check and set up the equipment before your session.  Any of our permanent SSC staff can help you set up or initiate the iMovie session. If using iMovie, be sure to save the video before you close.

After recording, watch the entire session yourself, then choose a ten-minute segment to watch with your Senior Tutor. Don't just send the file to your senior tutor--the main learning is the experience of watching it together. Be sure your senior tutor follows the guidelines described in You don't need to submit the video, just your written self-reflection.

Good luck, and please ask for help if you need it!


Information for Tutors
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