Information for Tutors

Information for Tutors

Become a Tutor

two studentsThe Student Success Center employs hundreds of De Anza students each year.

Working as a tutor is a great experience: you improve your communication skills, deepen your understanding of the subject you tutor, have fun and make great friends in the process!

To be employed as an SSC student tutor, you must...

  • have De Anza College selected as your main campus and be registered at De Anza and/or Foothill for at least 12 units, regardless of your residency status; or you are funded by Federal Work Study or CalWorks and are enrolled in 6 or more units;
  • have completed each subject you wish to tutor with a grade of B or better;
  • have a recommendation from your instructor;
  • have an overall GPA of at least 3.0;
  • have fewer than 180 FHDA attempted units completed prior to last term of employment.

Pay rates are as follows:

  • Individual and drop-in tutors are paid $12.00/hour.
  • Adjunct Skills Tutors are paid $14.00/hour.
  • Group tutors (non-Adjunct) are paid $14.00/hour (for groups of three or more students per session.)
  • Tutors are eligible for raises of $0.75/hour after tutoring successfully for two consecutive quarters.
  • Volunteers are always welcome! For details on student employment policies and procedures, see

If you would like to become a De Anza tutor...

  • Understand that becoming a tutor is a commitment. You must be able to tutor at least four hours per week (actual hours assigned vary greatly,) and be able to attend all tutor training sessions.  Please read the Training and Meetings pages carefully, and note all meeting times so you can be realistic about the time required and confirm that you are able to attend the required sessions.
  • Complete a Tutor Application.
    • For Writing & Reading Center, Academic Skills, or General Subject tutors, complete the WRC/Skills/General Subject New Tutor Application (Word) or (pdf)
    • For math/science tutors, please complete the S-43 New Tutor Application (pdf) .
    • Return the completed application to the appropriate center either in person or as an e-mail attachment.
    • E-mail the blank faculty recommendation form (Word) to your instructor, and request he or she complete it and return it to the appropriate SSC center as an e-mail attachment.
  • Once you submit your application, you will be asked to complete a task to assess your skills, and meet with a SSC team member for an interview.

Send Completed Application Materials to:

  • Academic Skills Center (Adjunct Skills):
  • General Subject Tutoring (Accounting, Economics, etc.)
  • Listening & Speaking Center (World Languages, Community volunteer and student assistant opportunity)
  • Math, Science & Technology Resource Center:

If you are hired as a tutor:

  • Complete an employment packet and submit to the Financial Aid office, lower floor of the Campus Center. Packets are available at the Financial Aid office or downloadable from .
  • Enroll in the appropriate tutor training course.
  • Attend a Tutorial Procedures and Responsibilities Orientation. You will review the Tutor Handbook to understand our policies and procedures.

Information for Tutors
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