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De Anza Academy Summer 2022

FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions - De Anza College Academy Summer

What is the De Anza College Academy Summer Classes Program and where does it take place?
The "De Anza College Academy" is a fee-based enrichment program for kids and teens. Our exceptional instructors come from a variety of educational institutions across the Bay Area, including universities, colleges, public and private high schools and K-8 districts. Our credentialed instructors possess expertise and passion for their specific instructional area and substantial experience teaching and working with young students. Our program offers enjoyable hands-on and project based learning. Art classes offered in partnership with the De Anza College's Euphrat Museum.

This program is for students who are entering first to twelfth grade and is for enrichment only - students are not assigned letter grades nor receive school credit. Supplemental homework is assigned in some school classes. Please check course descriptions for specific details pertaining to each class.


Online registration opens: Tuesday March 15 at 9 a.m.
Online registration closes: June 10 for online high school classes, June 13 for elementary/middle school classes and July 14 for art and astronomy classes.

When you're ready to enroll, follow the steps listed online to register. All student class registrations require a parent or guardian to complete the online waiver and information release form before completing the registration. Once payment is successfully processed, you will receive a class confirmation by email.

Students should enroll at the grade level they will enter in Fall 2022. For example, if your student is completing fifth grade in June 2022, they should enroll in sixth-grade level classes.

Virtual Classroom Information - Online high school and online middle school classes will take place online via the CANVAS learning system. This platform can be accessed by logging to your student account in Augusoft and clicking the "go to class" link that appears after each class listed in your current registrations.  For more information on how to access Augusoft/Canvas, visit our Accessing Augusoft/Canvas Virtual Classroom page. Contact if you need assistance accessing your class or account.

In Person Classroom Information - for classes held in person, classroom information will be posted in our webpages a week before the start of the program.

Student Conduct Information: 
All students must observe school rules and online class etiquette. Failure to follow rules may result in removal from the program.

Class Confirmations
To ensure your student is in the correct class, please review the confirmation and transaction receipts emailed to you at the time of enrollment. You may also log in to the registration system with your chosen username and password at any time to check your current enrollment.

How Do I Report Student Absences?
Please email to notify us when your student is unable to attend their online class (es), include the name of your student and the date(s) he/she will be will not be attending.

To drop a class or classes you may use the cancel option on your student's account dashboard of the Augusoft online registration system. Refunds are subject to service fees, and will be credited back to the original method of payment. Administrative drops due to disruptive and inappropriate student behavior will result in dismissal from the program without a refund.

Elementary/Middle School Classes:

  • Before April 18: $35 service fee per dropped class.
  • April 18 - May 23: $50 service fee per dropped class.
  • After May 23: No refunds will be issued*

High School Online Classes:

  • Before April 15: $35 service fee per dropped class.
  • April 15 - May 16: $50 service fee per dropped class.
  • May 17 - June 10: $ 75 service fee per dropped class.
  • After June 10: No refunds will be issued*

Art and Astronomy Classes:

  • Before June 27: $75 service fee per dropped class.
  • June 28 - July 8: $100 service fee per dropped class.
  • After July 8: No refunds will be issued*

*All drop and refund requests for extenuating circumstances, received past final request deadlines, will be considered for a 50% refund on an individual bases by the Dean of Community Education. Material and or lab fees are non refundable.

Students may add classes to their schedule anytime before the deadline dates listed below. Please note: registration is based on availability, there are NO waiting lists for classes listed as FULL.

  • Elementary/Middle School Classes (grades 4-9): Add through June 13 online via registration page. Students who are already enrolled in classes may add available classes in person at their registered school site from June 20 to 22.
  • High School Online Classes (grades 9-12): Add through June 10 online via registration page.
  • Art and Astronomy Classes: Add through July 14 online via registration page.

Class change requests are processed depending on seat availability and must be emailed to by the deadlines listed below. In person class change requests will be accepted June 20 to 22 for grades 4th to 9th at the student's registered school site (elementary/middle school only).

Elementary Middle School Classes

  • Before June 13: No fee for course change requests.
  • June 14-19: Registration will be closed for changing classes until June 20.
  • June 20-22: Change classes in person at school site. A 10% fee per class applicable for course change requests.
  • No class changes will be processed after June 22.

High School Classes

  • Before June 10: No fee for course change requests.
  • June 11-12: Registration will be closed for changing classes until June 13.
  • June 13-15: Change class requests via email. A 10% fee per class is applicable for course change requests.
  • No class changes will be processed after June 15.

Art and Astronomy Classes

  • Before July 14: No fee for class change requests
  • July 15-17: Registration will be closed for changing classes until July 18.
  • July 18: Request changes in person at the De Anza College Community Education office only; a 10% fee per class is applicable for change requests.
  • No class changes will be processed after July 18.

Have other questions or need additional information? email us at:

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