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Trailers and Set Lists for 12/5

Kindergarten to 2nd grade

5th grade to adult

Laser Set Lists

Laser Daft Punk

Son of Flynn
Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
Digital Love
Superheroes / Human after all / Rock’n Roll
Face to Face / Short Circuit
Get Lucky
One More Time
Around the World

Bob Marley

Trenchtown Rock
Waiting in Vain
Get Up Stand Up
Stir It Up
Three Little Birds
Redemption Song
I Shot the Sheriff
Is This Love
Buffalo Soldier
No Woman No Cry

Saturday Nights at the Planetarium
Astronomy & Laser Shows Schedule.

12/5 - Tickets
4:00 - Magic Tree House
5:00 - Magic Tree House
6:30 - Black Holes: The Other Side of Infinity
8:00 - Daft Punk
9:00 - Laser Bob Marley

12/12 - trailers / set lists / tickets
4:00 - Little Star that Could
5:00 - The Secret Lives of Stars
6:30 - Laser Holiday Magic
8:00 - Laser Holiday Magic
9:00 - Laser Holiday Magic

Friday December 18 at 7:00 & 8:30
Spontaneous Fantasia Christmas Special: Xmas Minus One!
A Live Performance by J-Walt.

12/19 - trailers / set lists / tickets
4:00 - Legends of the Night Sky
5:00 - Laser Holiday Magic
6:30 - Laser Holiday Magic
8:00 - Laser Holiday Magic
9:00 - Laser Holiday Magic

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Coming in 2016

About Us

The Fujitsu Planetarium at
De Anza College is the largest school Planetarium west of the Rocky Mountains and since our renovation, is one of the most modern in the world.

Picture of the Planetarium.  The planetarium has a blue dome to match the color of the infinium s star projector.
What's under the dome?
Title 1 Field Trips Program

The Planetarium is shared by the College Astronomy and Community Education Departments. When used as a classroom, it serves over 2700 college students per year. The Astronomy program at De Anza is the largest in the California State Community College System.

About 35,000 community members, including students from pre-school through high school, attend these shows and events every year.