Addressing Anti-Asian Scapegoating

The spread of COVID-19 has contributed to reported and documented cases of race-based scapegoating throughout the U.S. Our own college district in February 2020 asked FHDA employees to ward against racial prejudice and discrimination:

Letter to FHDA employees from Chancellor Judy Miner, 28 February 2020:

"I join Dr. Sara Cody, the Santa Clara County’s health officer, in urging us all to resist discrimination and prejudice. Although the outbreak began in mainland China, people of Asian descent are not more likely to have the virus, Dr. Cody reports... It is important for all of us to stay informed about this situation so we can take care of ourselves and others. Updated information from the Santa Clara County health department is available here..."

The following are some resources for learning about anti-Asian acts of aggression and violence, and addressing race-based scapegoating individually and collectively.

Report a Hate Crime or Intervene as a Bystander

Data Reports on Anti-Asian Verbal Harassment and Physical Assaults

News Sources and Op-Ed's on Anti-Asian Acts of Aggression and Violence

Historical Context for Anti-Immigrant and Anti-Asian Scapegoating

Racial Disparities with Pandemic

Resources for Teaching about Coronavirus Racism


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