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young woman writing at desk in classroomDe Anza's certificate in Asian American Studies will prepare you to

  • Analyze concerns that animate Asian American and Pacific Islander communities in the context of social relations of power as well as Asian American and Pacific Islander histories.
  • Assess the strategies, tactics and complexities of community-formation and community empowerment for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders pan-ethnically and for various specific populations. 
  • Employ analytical skills of the social sciences, interpretive methods of the humanities, leadership resources of community organizing, and the creative impulses of social change toward promoting greater social justice and equity, with particular attention to Asian American and Pacific Islander communities.

Programs and Courses to Suit Your Goals

Asian American and Asian Studies
Certificate of Achievement - Asian American StudiesNEW

The Certificate of Achievement in Asian American Studies prepares students to be historically informed and equityminded participants and leaders in the multi-ethnic and multiracial communities in which they live, work, learn, and play — especially in settings that directly impact Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. Students who complete the certificate will gain the skills and knowledge to assess and affect the social conditions and institutional settings that shape the lives of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, with particular attention to the cross-cutting forces of race, gender, class and sexuality. For students with professional pursuits in mind, completion of the certificate will increase leadership capacity to research, understand, communicate and work with various Asian American and Pacific Islander communities, whether through community organizing, nonprofit organizations, public policy, public service or business. For students with transfer pursuits in mind, completion of the certificate includes transferable general education credits to universities and colleges, and also greater academic preparation for the social sciences and humanities, including an Asian American Studies or Ethnic Studies major. Colleges that offer a baccalaureate major in Asian American Studies include the University of California campuses at Berkeley, Davis, Irvine, Los Angeles, Riverside and Santa Barbara, and the California State University campuses at Long Beach, Los Angeles, Northridge and San Francisco.

In addition to the programs listed above, you may be able to apply courses in this department toward General Education requirements.

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Transfer to Get a Bachelor's in Asian American Studies

California campuses that offer a baccalaureate major in Asian American Studies include:

A number of these campuses also offer the opportunity to minor in Asian American Studies.

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