Things to Consider

Before Agreeing to Publisher-Direct Or Third-Party Materials

Under Foothill-De Anza district policies, publishing reps are not to sell in your classrooms nor are they allowed to solicit directly on campus. They must check in and be granted permission to be on campus. 

Federal law requires that higher education institutions that receive federal funding (think financial aid and grants) make all instructional materials accessible to all students. Unfortunately, publishers are not governed by these same laws. So content or tools on a publisher's homework website (that comes bundled with the textbook), could present accessibility problems. De Anza College cannot make changes to the publishers' websites. So if barriers exist, an accessibility plan will need to be developed to ensure all students can achieve the course's outcomes. This may mean extra work for the instructor, so choose carefully.

Here are some additional points you should consider



Usability And Interoperability 


  • Does this new version contain enough new material to  justify the cost to students?

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