College Operations

College Operations

Broken Furniture?

Life on campus can be hard on furniture! Sometimes a screw can wiggle loose or a table can lose a leg. Most of the time you are the first to know something is broken or will become a problem.

Good news!  We have a new process that will help keep our campus beautiful functional and safe.

Please copy and paste the following text and email it to the Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment (FF&E) Coordinator, Tina Lockwood.

Fill in the blanks and replace examples with the actual request details. The areas are shown in GREEN

Subject: Broken Furniture - Building: xxx Room: xxx


Hi Tina!

What's broken: chair / table / desk / file cabinet / etc.

How it is broken: loose screw / broken wheel / stuck draw /

Location in room: it's in the back of the room with a note on it

I've attached some helpful photos of the broken items. Yes  / No



Type your name here


We will do our best to replace the item with something similar asap, but we would really appreciate your  patience. Often warranties have to be investigated and vendors must be contacted for parts or replacements. Good to know: There are 61 buildings with approximately 116 classrooms, lecture halls and 43 labs to keep us busy!



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