Check Your Progress Toward a Degree

You can use DegreeWorks, an online tool, to perform your own degree audit and

  • View your progress toward earning your associate degree or certificate
  • See how your current courses apply to your graduation requirements
  • Determine how changing your major will affect your graduation date
  • Plan your academic goals at De Anza and at four-year CSU and UC schools
  • Calculate your grade point average

DegreeWorks produces an easy-to-read audit that reviews the coursework you've completed, at De Anza or other colleges, and compares that with the requirements for your desired degree or certificate.

The audit is divided into block requirements, which explain how different courses count toward degree requirements. This allows you to plan for future coursework and experiment with different options for declaring or changing your academic major.

DegreeWorks also provides convenient links to related services and information, including the college catalog, class schedule and other resources.

How to Access DegreeWorks

  1. Log in to MyPortal
  2. Select the "Students" tab
  3. Locate the DegreeWorks mini-window.

You'll find a "Quick Start Guide," FAQs and video tutorials within the DegreeWorks window.


If you have difficulty accessing DegreeWorks with your computer, clear the cache in your web browser. See the DegreeWorks "Quick Start Guide" for information about how to do this. 

For in-person help or review

For further assistance, visit the Counseling and Advising Center. See the Counseling Appointments page for more information.

More tips on using DegreeWorks

The following links provide more detailed instructions 

Video Tutorials

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