Employee Demographics

This page displays employees by job category and ethnicity over the past six years. Data for the period before fall 2021 is from the state Chancellor's Office Data Mart. Data for fall 2021 is from De Anza's Office of Institutional Research and Planning. 

Part-time faculty, the largest employee group, predominantly identify as white (59% on average). However, the rate at which part-time faculty identify as white has been declining over the past six years with an increase in the rate at which faculty identify as Asian (23% on average). Half of full-time faculty identify as white, 21% as Asian, 14% Latinx, and 7% African American/Black, on average. Classified professionals tend to be the most diverse employee group with 38% identifying as white, 27% Asian, and 22% Latinx, on average. Administrators, though the smallest employee group, is also diverse with a third identifying as white (34%), 19% Latinx, 15% Asian, and 21% African American/Black, on average. 

Note: No full-time faculty identify as Pacific Islander in time frame displayed.

The full-time faculty largely comprises employees who identify as white, non-Hispanic, followed by Asian, Latinx and African American/Black. Over the past 5 years, the Asian category has increased, as has multi-ethnic, while all other categories decreased. 

The part-time faculty predominantly comprises white, non-Hispanic employee, though this category has been decreasing over the past five years, followed by Asian, Latinx and unknown. The numbers of Asian, African American/Black and multi-ethnic part-time faculty members have been increasing. 

Note: No classified employees identify as American Indian/Alaskan Native in time frame displayed.

Classified professionals are the most diverse group of employees, also largely comprised of white, non-Hispanic, but to a smaller degree than other groups. Asian employees are the next largest group followed by Latinx. 

Note: No administrators identify as Pacific Islander in time frame displayed.

Administrative employees are also predominantly white, followed by Latinx and Asian, though the proportion of employees that identify as African American/Black is larger for administrors than any other employee group. 

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