Employment Outcomes

This page includes employment outcomes by ethnicity over the past five years to provide a perspective on workforce outcomes over time. The data source for all metrics are the CalPass Plus Student Success Metics

Across various metrics available that track outcomes from De Anza to the workforce, employment outcomes improved for all student groups tracked, showing the benefits of completing at least some college, as exhibited in a metric such as median change in wages after leaving the college. However, outcomes are varied by student groups, with African American/Black, Latinx, Foster Youth, DSPS, LGBTQ+, Filipinx and Pacific Islander students being at the lower end of positive outcomes, in particular, seeing lower median annual earnings. 

The metric for attainment of a living wage provides the percent of students who exited the college and did not transfer and who attained the Santa Clara County living wage for a single adult the year following their enrollment at the college. Asian, white and students who are Veterans have the highest rate of attaining a living wage at 44% and 45%, while students with a disability (DSPS) and Foster Youth students have the lowest rates at 20% and 24%, respectively. This is followed by Latinx and African American/Black students at 26% and 27%, respectively. Sample sizes were too small to display data for Pacific Islander and Native American students. 

This metric for median changes in wages provides the median earnings of students following the academic year of exit for students who did not transfer. Latinx students had the greatest increase in median wages at 46% followed by DSPS at 43%, LGBTQ+ at 40% and Foster Youth at 39%. Sample sizes were too small to display native American and Pacific Islander student outcomes.

 The metric for becoming employed in a job related to a students field of study when at De Anza displays the percent of students who reported they are working in a job closely or very closely related to their field of student based on students who responded to the CTE Outcomes Survey for students who did not transfer. The percent of students who report they are employed in a job that is closely related to their field of study varies by student group with African American/Black, DSPS and Veterans reporting lower rates of alignment between their job and what they studied when enrolled at De Anza. The highest rates of alignment are displayed for Asian, Foster Youth (with two years of data) and Filipinx students. Data was not available for Pacific Islander and Native American students. 

 The metric for median annual earnings tracks the median annual earnings one year after students left the college and did not transfer, and who were not previously employed. Despite improved wages over the past five years, the median wages for DSPS, Foster Youth, African American/Black, LGBTQ+, Latinx, Pacific Islander and Filipinx are below $40,000 per year, on average. Asian, White and Veterans are above $41,000 per year on average, as displayed graphically below.

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