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SYLLABI FOR WINTER 2019 - links below will open as pdf file in a new window or tab


The textbook for this class is:

Introductory Statistics from OpenStax by Illowsky & Dean

You can use it online interactively at OpenStax by using the table of contents upper left to find the chapter or section you need
You can download a pdf  file for the book.

Both formats are free.

It is recommended that students use an online or pdf version of the textbook for free.  For students who prefer print textbooks, a print version is available at the De Anza Bookstore - check the De Anza College Bookstore site for the price. If purchasing a print version, it is recommended to purchase it at the De Anza College Bookstore rather than to order online.

Alternate Statistics Reference

If you want another statistics textbook as an additional reference,
try this book by De Anza College faculty member Mo Geraghty.
You can download the pdf file for free at the link below.

Inferential Statistics and Probability - A Holistic Approach

Course Materials

Math 10 Weekly Schedule webpage keeps you up to date on assignments, due dates, quiz and exam dates, and what we are covering in class each week.
Check the weekly schedule often to know what is going on in class.
This page is updated regularly to contain the most current information about what is happening in class.

Chapter Notes and Resources  webpage has resources to accompany the textbook - Print out and bring chapter notes to class to organize note-taking.

Webassign will be used for homework. Cost is estimated to be about $40. Instructions to enroll will be in the syllabus

Graphing Calculator  model TI-83, TI-83+, TI-84, or TI-84+ is required for this class section. See information in syllabus if you already have and wish to use a TI-89 for this class.

Practice Exams webpage has old exams and other exam practice materials.

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