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Syllabus for Math 11.07 Winter 2019


Applied Finite Mathematics 3rd edition 2016 by Sekhon/Bloom


This textbook link was most recently updated 8/6/2018. 
If you downloaded a copy of the pdf file before that date, please download a new copy of this file.  

Student Supplement:
Answers to Selected Homework and All Review Questions


Applied Finite Mathematics 3rd edition 2016 by Sekhon/Bloom is an Open Educational Resource available as

It is strongly recommended to use the pdf version of this book for free.  You can print portions of the pdf file at the time you need or want a printed copy.  If you strongly prefer print books, you can print from the pdf file, or purchase the printed file at the bookstore.  The online pdf file will be updated during the quarter if typographical errors are found; the print version will not be updated until next quarter.

Textbook Updates/ERRATA

The list below will contain errata not yet corrected  (if any) in the pdf file of the book.
Please note these errata (if any) when using the book in print or online format.

For pdf file downloaded prior to 8/7/2018 (these pages were corrected in the online pdf file as of 8/6/2018)

  • Page 26 in Section 1.4 Example 5 Solution Part (a)
    2nd line from top of page: The points listed should be (0, 24.5) and (30, 34). 
    Point (30, 34) is erroneously written as (35, 34) - the rest of the example is solved correctly.

  • Page 210, Section 6.5 Example 2
    The amount invested stated in the question should be $8000. The amount in the question is erroneously written as $5000.
    The invested amount of $8000 is used in the solution.

Previous Errata - already corrected in most current online version of this textbook

  • ERRATA archive - Replacement pages for copies printed between 8/2016 and 8/6/2018

Previous Edition of Textbook - not for current use this quarter - archived here for reference purposes only

 Additional Course Materials

A graphing calculator is needed for this class.  The TI-83 and TI-84 families of calculators are recommended. Please note the following information:

  • The instructor will demonstrate calculator skills on those models and will make use of APPs provided in the TI-83 and 84 calculator and will provide students with a special program for those calculators to automate some calculations.
  • Any special calculator programs used during the quarter are provided only for the TI-83 and TI-84 families of calculators; programs can not be provided for other calculator models or brands.
  • If a student chooses to use some other model or brand of calculator, he/she is solely responsible for independently learning how to use it to fit the needs of this class
  • If you are buying a new calculator for this class and if you intend to also take Math 12: (1) the TI-83+ is less expensive and does everything needed for Math 11 BUT (2) the  TI-84+ is better  has better options for display of equations to look in the calculator as they appear on your written work  This is helpful in Math 11, but is even more helpful in Math 12. (The TI-83+ is limited in options for how to display equations on the screen.)
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