Chapter Homework

Use Webassign.
See syllabus for instructions to log into and sign up for Webassign.

Introduction to Calculator worksheet - 6 points 

  • This assignment is due in class on the last day of the first week (Friday of Week 1 for class meeting 5 days per week).
  • Print the Introduction to Calculator worksheet and hand in at the start of class on the due date.

Airbnb Lab Worksheet - Chapter 1- 10 points

Download and print this worksheet and bring to class starting Wednesday of First week.  We will use it in class during the first week of the quarter.

Baseball Home Field Advantage Project - Chapter 2 - 50 points

Download and print this project and bring to class starting Friday of Second Week.  We will use it in class during the second or third week of the quarter.

Chapter 7 lab worksheet (Scan pdf) - 16 points

  • Print and bring to class starting Wed. of week 6. 

  • We will start it in class one day during week 6

  • Due Friday of Week 7

Alternate Link Chapter 7 Lab worksheet (text pdf)

Chapter Note Outlines

Outlines for notes for examples discussed in class are below.  Students should bring notes to class for each chapter to have examples and data available as we work and to use to take notes in class as we work through the examples to learn the concepts and skills.

Some Chapters Have 2 Links to the File

Notes should open as a pdf file in a new window or new tab.

If there are 2 links to the file, then:

  • the first link is a "text pdf" file created from the original word document and the second link is an "image pdf" created from a scan of the word document. 
  • The  "text pdf" files are smaller in size.
  • Use the "image pdf" files if you have problems with nonsense characters  (or random small boxes) printing in equations instead of appropriate math characters The "image pdf"  will give accurate printouts of equations and graphs. Because the image files are pictures of the notes they are also larger files.
Chapter Title Text Download Image Download
1 Introduction to Statistics Chp. 1 2019 Text Chp. 1 Image
2 Descriptive Statistics Chp. 2 2019 Text Chp. 2 Image
3 Probability Chp. 3 2019 Text Chp. 3 Image [BROKEN LINK]
4 Discrete Probability & Binomial Distribution Chp. 4 2019 Text Chp. 4 Image
5 Continuous Probability: Uniform & Exponential Chp. 5 2019 Text Chp. 5 Image
6 The Normal Distribution Chp. 6 2019 Text Chp. 6 Image
7 Central Limit Theorem Chp. 7 2019 Text Chp. 7 Image
8 Confidence Interval Estimates means & proportions Chp. 8 2019 Text Chp. 8 Image
9 Hypothesis Tests - means & proportions - 1 sample Chp. 9 2019 Text
CH. 9 Solution Sheet Text
Chp. 9 Image
Ch. 9 Solution Sheet Image
10 Hypothesis Tests - means & proportions - 2 samples Chp. 10 2019 Text
Ch. 10 Solution Sheet Text
Chp. 10 Image
Ch. 10 Solution Sheet Image
13  1 Way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) - testing means for 3 or more samples Chp. 13 2019 Text Ch. 13 Image
12 Linear Regression and Correlation

Chp. 12 2019 Text

Chp. 12 Skills Practice 2019

Chp. 12 Image
11 Chi Square Distrib. - Goodness of Fit & Independence

Chp. 11 2019 Text

Chp. 11 Image

Below are the links to the most recent Word Documents for the chapter notes files above - see copyright/license information below the links.

Chapter 1     Chapter 2    Chapter 3    Chapter 4    Chapter 5    Chapter 6     Chapter 7    Chapter 8   

Chapter 9    Chapter 10   Chapter 11  Chapter 12    Chapter 13

To instructors:  If you use these notes files you must include the attribution that is in the file.  If you modify these notes when you use them, you must use a Creative Commons Share and Share Alike License and must give appropriate attribution for the original materials in these notes and for the material used in these notes that are derived from and attributed to other open resources, including Introductory Statistics textbook from OpenStax.  You can not use these notes for financial gain.  Please refer the the Creative Commons Attribution License website for further information about this license.


Video created by various instructors to accompany this textbook may be found at the links below.

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