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Music 14A, Classical Guitar I

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Music 14B/CD Classical Guitar II/III/IV 

For Guitarists planning to transfer to SJSU: Audition information from Patrick Francis:

  • Students should prepare 10 minutes of rep. of different style periods: etudes, short pieces, etc., and major and minor scales. It's pretty open... 
  • The highest incoming transfers can be placed is 2nd semester sophomore (for instrumental lessons). But this assumes that they will take a jr. qualifying exam after one semester of lessons. The jr. qualifying exam is a 20 minute (minimum) jury where the student performs rep., sightreads, and may be asked to play scales and arpeggios - basically to demonstrate proficiency on the the instrument. If they're playing Villa-Lobos Etudes or Preludes or larger scale pieces comfortably, this exam shouldn't pose a tremendous hurdle.
  • ...if the student is going to be at sjsu for longer than two years, they might actually benefit from being placed lower so that they are eligible to receive more semesters of lessons while they are at the school."

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