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This class currently taught online only. It is viewable through the Canvas course management system. Below is some information outside of Canvas. 

Course Information Sheet Fall '18 ("greensheet"/Syllabus): Music 1D Course Information

From the Schedule of Classes

An introduction to music through rock music, tracing its beginnings in the early 1950s to the present. Various rock styles will be related to the historical trends and events of the time period being studied; listening techniques; use of fundamental concepts including form, style, musical media, and textures; acquaintance with and comparison of musical examples from various styles.

From the Canvas Course Home Page (note that most of the links will not function unless you're enrolled in the class):

Party on! Music 1D is a General Education course that offers an introduction to music through rock music. It is geared toward the non-musician, with little or no musical experience, though musicians are welcome, and will hopefully enrich our discussions.

We'll cover trends from the early 20th century though several decades of rock, tracing its roots in the early part of the 20th Century and earlier, to recent trends (we will not get to the present day, since it will be difficult to take on more than a chapter per week).

In addition to the historical orientation, we'll also examine rock music in its contexts - music as an expression of the values and trends of the time period.

Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, we'll learn to the elements of music, including fundamental concepts such as form, style, musical media, and textures. We'll apply these to songs, often using comparison to help to deepen our understanding of the various styles we study. For this, I'll be supplementing the textbook with analysis of songs that will help you with your own listening analysis/journals that you'll complete each week. You can view the Course Information page here for all assignments and requirements.

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 Our online community has some special requirements; please be aware that you'll need to spend significant time with the course materials, just as you would for any General Education course. In addition, you'll be part of weekly discussion groups that will require thoughtful responses and follow up comments. 

During Week 1, we'll iron out technical difficulties, discuss the elements of music, and begin learning how to write about music objectively.

Your first assignment will be be to write an introduction of yourself to me and the class. 

To keep up with the reading and assignments, check each week's Modules (left menu), for its "To Do" list. 

There will be two midterm tests, and a final exam; all are closed book. There will be both objective (multiple choice) and essay portions. Given the lack of control for cheating in the online environment, these tests will be timed. If you feel that you need extra time because of because of a disability, please contact Disabled Student Services for special arrangements, or arrange to take tests in person during an office hour. 

How to Navigate this Course

All of the course content for Music 1D is located in Modules. Each week's materials -- Powerpoints with video and audio to augment the reading, links to videos, Listening Journals, and Discussions -- are grouped in that week's Module.   Materials in each Module will be published prior to each corresponding week. Well study the book's chapters in order beginning week 2 (Chapter 1), making it as far as chapter 10 by the end of week 11. 

Before you dive into the course content, there are a few things you need to do. Click on Getting Started. From there, go through each of the links and read (don't skim) the material there. 

Be aware.......You have 2 tasks To Do soon:

    1. Create your Canvas profile with a photo of yourself
    2. Introduce yourself on the  Discussion "Introduce yourself..."

You must complete the above tasks by noon on Thursday.    Those who have not will be dropped Thursday afternoon.  (Students who add the class will have 3 days after they have registered to complete these 3 tasks.) 

Want help getting started with Canvas?   

Attend one of the free drop in workshops on campus the first week of the quarter only. No registration is required. Both, which are identical, are in room MLC 255 (Media Learning Center). 

    • Monday 3-4 pm
    • Friday 9-10 am

Not on campus on those days/times? Go to  for an online orientation. If you are new to Canvas, spending time getting familiar and comfortable with it will reduce stress ease your entry into this online course.

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