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FLOW Is On a Break This Year

The FLOW program is taking a break for 2024-25, but there are other great cohort programs available for you to join. Check our Learning Communities webpage for a complete list of programs and their websites.

hip-hop graffitiDo music and art bring meaning to your life?

Would you like to explore the role of hip-hop in today’s society?

Check Out FLOW!

FLOW is a community of students, instructors and counselors with a shared interest in hip-hop culture – including music, dance, graffiti, art and contemporary issues.

students at Rock the School Bells conferenceStudents in FLOW can

  • Take classes together as a group
  • Make new friends and find support as you work toward your goals in college 
  • Share and explore hip-hop music, art and culture – in the classroom, at conferences like Rock the School Bells and in other fun activities!

FLOW courses explore the personal and social impact of hip-hop artists and culture over the years and generations – from Tupac and NWA to Lil Nas X and Doja Cat.

collage of students' names

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