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Date: November 23, 2021
Time: 2-3:30 p.m.
Location: Zoom

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    2:00-2:10 Approve Notes from October 26, 2021 A Co-Chairs
     2:10-2:20 Budget Town Hall 10/18/2021 - Zoom Recording I Co-Chairs
     2:20-2:30 Bookstore Transition Complete I Co-Chairs
     2:30-2:45 Printing Services Profit/Loss Statement I Mahato
     2:45-3:00 Program Review Planning Quilt Review I Grey
     3:00-3:20 Approve the Mission, Role, Guiding Principles and Ground Rules A Co-Chairs
     3:20-3:30 Agenda Items for Next Meeting / Quick News A All

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    D = Discussion
    I = Information

  • Minutes

    The notes from from October 26, 2021 were approved with the addition of the HEERF Spreadsheet link.

    Budget Town Hall 10/18/2021 - Zoom Recording
    Hold harmless money is extended to 2024/2025. Hold harmless is giving us more money under the student-centered funding formula than community supported/basic aid (property taxes) funded model.

    Bookstore Transition Complete

    Bookstore transition is almost complete. Focusing on financial aid data for Winter quarter classes.

    Shagun shared with Hearn and will share with Academic Senate concerns/feedack regarding OER adoptions using the new vendor. OER book order on Follett site gave message “your OER request is being sent for approval”. This message is prior to the book being selected. Question regarding Follett checking the OER book the faculty would like to adopt. Libre should be listed on site.  Not easy to use. Low/no cost class  book is coming up as $40 with only a rental option.  Two emails sent to Follett with no responses. Up-selling on the website is confusing to  students. Need to have a place for instructors to share their feedback. Follett offered to come to Academic Senate and  offer still stands. Can also schedule meeting with Follett directly to discuss as needed.

    Printing Services Profit/Loss Statement

    Revenue has been declining significantly. Lower enrollment, move to OER, move to electronic media, move to Canvas, move to remote learning. Contracts for high-cost machines. Bookstore used print services to print the course packets. Follett use their own third-party vendor. Managed print services (MPS) is managed by a third-party via district project. HEERF money can be used to offset some costs. Profit/loss statement as of today shows a loss of $116.

    E-print machines are remaining and are now in the campus center and library. Follett has printing services for students. Divisions’ implement print allowances for their departments.

    Program Review Planning Quilt  Review

    Part of our Accreditation. Year 2020/2021 was the comprehensive annual program review update (APRU). Administrative Services is different from the Instructional & Student Services and their program review templates do not fit our area. The Instructional and Student Services divisions are not doing comprehensive program reviews this year.  Administrative Services will follow this planning decision. Administrative Services will work on a program review template. The possible amendment to the  Shared Governance structure would not affect the need to perform the program reviews. Program Reviews need to be done regardless of the governance structure as they pertain to accreditation.

    Approve the Mission, Role, Guiding Principles and Ground Rules

    Add that the process is governed by the handbook, post the link, and state recommendations are by consensus. So many governance meetings with acronyms is very confusing. Budget Task Force is not connected with the APBT.
    Classified senate meet 2 & 4th of the month at 2 p.m.
    Shared Governance task force

    Agenda Items for Next Meeting / Quick News

    • Schedule for meetings as conflicting with College Operations work shedules and Classified Senate meetings
    • Shared Governance Task Force presentation
    • Approve the Mission, Role, Guiding Principles and Ground Rules

    Communications studies public speaking may go away as a GE course if this bill goes through. - AB 928, Berman. Student Transfer Achievement Reform Act of 2021: Associate Degree for Transfer Intersegmental Implementation Committee. 


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    91708412800 11/23/21 13:55
    APBT Meeting   
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    Adam C. 75
    Angélica# she/her/ella 44
    Chris Winn 76
    Ivy Sim 76
    Jennifer Mahato 76
    Martin Varela 70
    Nicole (Nicole Howard) 37
    Pam Grey 73
    Patrick Gannon 76
    Pippa Gibson 80
    Shagun Kaur 81
    Teri Gerard 76

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