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Date: January 25, 2022
Time: 2-3:30 p.m.
Location: Zoom

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    2:00-2:05 Approve Notes from 11/23/2021 A Co-Chairs
     2:05-2:30 Shared Governance Task Force Presentation - Removed from agenda as per direction from College Council 01/20/2022. I/D Mahato & Mendoza
     2:30-2:40 APBT Meeting schedule A Co-Chairs
     2:40-3:10 Approve the Mission, Role, Guiding Principles and Ground Rules As Amended A Co-Chairs
    3:10-3:20 Dining Services, Printing Services & HEERF Funding Updates I Gannon/Mahato/Varela
     3:20-3:30 Agenda Items for Next Meeting / Quick News A All

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    APBT Notes 11/23/2021 were approved

    Shared Governance Task Force (SGTF) has postponed the presentation. SGTF have a standing agenda item at College Council. After discussions at the 1/20/2022 College Council meeting the decision was for the College Council tri-chairs to review the progress so far and plan for next steps. SGTF:

    APBT Meeting schedule

    Classified senate meet 2nd & 4th Tuesday. District Budget Advisory Committee (DBAC) meet on the 3rd Tuesday. Budget Task Force Meet on the 2nd Tuesday. Agreed to meet on 1st Tuesday of the month for the rest of the AY year.

    Approve the Mission, Role, Guiding Principles and Ground Rules As Amended
    Item postponed to allow for classified staff to attend the last portion of the classified senate meeting.

    Dining Services Update:
    Week sales figures: Week 1 = 543. Week 2 = zero (closed due to Covid surge). Week 3 = 236. Week 4 = 85. Very different operation from pre-Covid.  02/17/2022 St Patrick’s day menu. Dining services need a guaranteed food service of at least 1,600 customers per day to break even.

    Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF) funding Update:
    Expiring in July. Asking for an extension. Federal funds have strict eligibility constraints and can only be used for mitigating costs directly as a result of Covid-19 and assisting college & students pivot to remote learning. Institutional funds and student funds are separate. Students can apply for assistance online by using the Emergency Funds Application Form Formal bidding process and federal guidelines add an additional layer of complexity and approval. Health & safety is highest priority. Current capital projects include: HVAC, drinking fountain, wifi update and expansion. Capital improvements projects are overseen by district facilities. Institutional funds on a request basis. As of now 164 requests have been processed from across the campus (excluding capital projects). Everything that was eligible for HEERF was approved. Masks KN95 and clear masks have been ordered and some have been delivered. Supply chain issues are on ongoing issue. Clear masks can be ordered by the usual process via deans and they will be delivered to end users. Cares act reporting  Zoom room information There is a link to the zoom rooms on the students and staff MyPortal page.

    Printing services update:
    Continues to reflect a loss. Deep-dive into the operations. Most of the copies requested can be done on the local MPS printers. College Operations have requested deans to have faculty and staff use the MPS printers for regular black & white letter sized copies. Using printing services results in additional costs. Website has been updated. Working with Alex in communications to update printing request forms

    Participants: Apologies Varela who was attending DBAC & Gerard.

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    91708412800 1/25/22 13:51
    APBT January Meeting  
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    Adam C. 47
    Angélica# she/her/ella 2
    Chris Winn 44
    Hyon Chu Yi-Baker 45
    Iman Seale (she/her) 49
    Ivy Sim 48
    Jennifer Mahato 45
    Pam Grey 47
    Patrick Gannon 49
    Pippa Gibson 56
    Shagun Kaur 19

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