General Meeting Information

Date: October 26, 2021
Time: 2-3:30 p.m.
Location: Zoom

  • Agenda

    Time Topic Purpose Discussion Leader
    2:00-2:10 Welcome & Introductions I All
    2:10-2:15 Approval of Notes from June 8, 2021 A Co-Chairs
    2:15-2:30 Review & Approve the Mission, Role, Guiding Principles and Ground Rules D/A All
    2:30-2:40 State Budget Joint Analysis I Grey
     2:40-2:45 Budget Town Hall - Tentative date Thu 11/18/2021 13:30 - 15:30 I Grey
     2:45-2:55 HEERF II Update I Varela
     2:55-3:00 Bookstore Transition I Co-Chairs
     3:00-3:05 Child Development Center Reporting Change I Grey
     3:05-3:10 College Operations Report Out I Mahato
     3:10-3:15 Dining Services Report Out I Gannon
     3:15-3:20 Fiscal Services Report Out I Varela
     3:20-3:30 Agenda Items for Next Meeting / Quick News A All

    A = Action
    D = Discussion
    I = Information

  • Minutes

    Welcome & Introductions
    Welcome to first meeting. Special thanks to Iman for volunteering to be the co-chair. APBT focuses on Administrative Services area. The other PBTs focus on instruction and student services areas. The team introduced themselves.

    Approval of Notes from June 8, 2021
    The notes were approved

    Review & Approve the Mission, Role, Guiding Principles and Ground Rules
    The team reviewed the Mission, Role, Guiding Principles & Ground Rules. Members would bring back feedback to the next meeting ready for approval.

    State Budget Joint Analysis
    State budget joint analysis is sent out by the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s office. Table 5 on page 18 reflects the budget for the 115 community colleges. Traditionally, De Anza gets 60% of the district budget and Foothill gets 40%. Grants are separate from this state funding table. Funding allocations for restricted funds must be used for the purpose identified and cannot be re-directed. The district will have more details on the amount of money the district is receiving in November/December.

    Budget Town Hall - Tentative date Thu 11/18/2021 13:30 - 15:30
    Vice Chancellor is holding a budget town hall. APBT will send out the invitation to the group.  

    HEERF II update
    This money is known by a number of names. Coronavirus Aid, Recovery, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF).  Students may apply for assistance online by using the Emergency Funds Application Form: Lisa Mandy the Director of FAID and oversees this student portion of the HEERF funds.
    HEERF Reporting site

    Institutional portion is for campuswide expenses directly related to the coronavirus pandemic.
    HEERF I is spent down at $3.6M
    HEERF II is partially spend down with encumbrances identified for the total of $10.5M
    HEERF II has encumbrances identified at $12.3M with $2M unallocated.

    District has three large projects:  HVAC improvements to add on features /mitigate the spread of covid. Water fountain/filling station replacement. A project manager has been assigned to look at placement & accessibility.  Wi-Fi expansion to parking lots and faculty offices etc. ETS project. ETS will hire a consultant to put docs together for bid. Faculty are interested in when the improvements will be completed regarding the return to campus for teaching in person. Difficult for De Anza to answer this question as they are district projects. District has to publicly bid all services and construction projects which takes several months. Coupled with supply chain delays the completion of these projects is difficult to estimate but it will take months. What is the eligibility for custodial and grounds improvements such as equipment and carts? Electrostatic sprayers have been purchased using HEERF and items that are directly related to the pandemic would likely be eligible. Replacing old equipment is not eligible for HEERF.

    Hi-flex classrooms are prioritized at the technology prioritization meetings. Lydia Hearn is the instructional rep on this team.

    Bookstore Transition
    The two APBT students and Shagun Kaur were on the RFP process for the bookstore. The transition was completed on 10/21/2021. The vendor, Follett, was selected in a bid process. Follett are specialists and will serve our faculty and students well. The bookstore will open the physical location shortly. Please send feedback regarding the bookstore to Pam. Training for faculty adoptions is being held 10/28 & 11/02. Financial aid to students will be available through the bookstore as it was previously. Communications, ETS & the bookstore staff were excellent in supporting the transition. It was a big project with additional difficulties due to the pandemic. No employees are being laid off. All 5 are being placed at the college. Follett will hire student workers. 

    The district computer loan program with free interest was set up several years ago when computers were not so ubiquitous. This program is now discontinued.

    Child Development Center Reporting Change
    CDC used to report to administrative services and now reports to Dean of Community Education, Sam Bliss. The program is better aligned to mission of the Community Education department and will benefit from their expertise.

    College Operations Report Out
    Continue to support the campus with custodial and grounds working ongoing. Plexiglas, air purifiers, and PPE items have been/are being placed in all areas where employees requested.  Meeting again with departments soon to prepare for supplies/items needed for winter quarter. Print shop is not physically open but services are available. Course packets will be available through the bookstore. Managed print project is underway and many units have been deployed. Meeting with Guided Pathways team regarding identifying a community space. Districtwide energy masterplan first reading will be on the Board. The facility condition assessment report is forthcoming and will include maintenance needs. Starting to meet with district regarding the Measure G bond. Gilbane is the bond manager. The first DA projects to be address will likely be the A quad replacement and DA event center. Program architect will be approved in December. Begin campus stakeholder engagement in 2022. $5.1M in state scheduled maintenance and library & educational equipment money. Facilities rentals have opened up some space for non-profit rental clients. Facilities rental department is self-funded meaning that no general fund money is used to support this department. HEERF can be used to off-set loss of revenue for facilities rentals.

    Campus facilities projects: supply chain issues for the outdoor benches project has delayed installation until winter 2022. More outdoor tables and seating at various places on campus. Campus Center has new flooring & minor painting improvements. Students and building users were involved in the selection of the floor.

    Dining Services Report Out
    Dining services are open! Breakfast, pizza and specials. Gannon showed the sales compared pre-pandemic. Down 94% from pre-pandemic. Serving approx. 120 compared to peak of 1600-1900 per day. Average 550 per day. Dining services is self-funded meaning that no general fund money is currently used to support this department. HEERF can be used to off-set loss of revenue for dining services. Cafeteria provides an important service to our students. Closed on Fridays as not enough traffic. Dining services do not have enough revenue coming in.  With dining services, the college recognizes that it cannot be business as usual and that previous staffing and service levels cannot be maintained in the near future.  De Anza is considered a commuter campus as there are no dormitories. All commuter campus’ dining services are affected. Residential campuses are also affected due to Covid and lower enrollment. Dining services would need a guaranteed food service of at least 1,600 customers per day to break even. All outside vendors (Le Café Unamas, Jerad’s coffee) are closed. Grey reminded the team of the recent bookstore transition to an outside vendor due to lack of enough revenue to support the self-funded program. She acknowledged that no one wants to consider such option for dining services but that in difficult times difficult decisions still have to be made. 

    Fiscal Services Report Out
    Fiscal services are working on carryforward, audit, HEERF, reporting, B-Budget.

    DASG student accounts are transitioning to the cloud-based service through Blackbaud. Web-based accessibility is main benefit but also has additional features. Some DASG activities are eligible for HEERF loss of revenue funding. Yi-Baker and Varela will connect off-line on this item.

    Agenda Items for Next Meeting / Quick News

    Approve the Mission, Role, Guiding Principles and Ground Rules.


    Meeting ID Start / End Time
    91708412800 10/26/21 13:59
    APBT Meeting 10/26/21 15:27
    Name (Original Name) Total Duration (Minutes)
    Adam Contreras 86
    Angélica# she/her/ella 95
    Chris Winn 89
    Hyon Chu Yi-Baker 85
    Iman Seale (she/her) 90
    Ivy Sim 89
    Jennifer Mahato 88
    Martin Varela 86
    Nicole (Nicole Howard) 88
    Pam Grey 87
    Patrick Gannon 88
    Pippa Gibson 89
    Shagun Kaur 48
    Shagun Kaur VM 43
    Teri Gerard 89

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