General Meeting Information

Date: June 7, 2022
Time: 2-3:30 pm

  • Agenda

    Time Agenda Item Purpose |
    Discussion Leader
    Approved Notes
    2:00-2:05 Welcome DASB Rep Jessica Lukius  I | Co Chairs Welcome incoming 2022/23 reps J. Lukius & Isaac Lim
    2:05-2:10 Approval of May 3, 2022 Notes A | Co-Chairs:- Approved
    2:10-2:30 Equity Plan Re-Imagined I/D | Equity Action Council Rep/s Equity Plan reflects feedback received from college’s shared governance groups and Strategic Planning Process session. Will be included in the new Educational Master Plan. Plan is reported to State. 7 areas of feedback. Be more intentional. Refocus on the six student success factors. Improve collaboration & implementation. How would EAC envision Admin Services role in the Equity Plan? Administrative Services can make a difference and would like to be included early in equity discussions for the greater campus facilities. Ideas would include more gender-neutral restrooms, improvements to facilities, accessibility, welcoming and useful student spaces, zoom capable work spaces. Covid PPE safety tailor made PPE supplies to meet the needs of the departments
    2:30-3:15 Annual Governance Assessment Survey
    Governance Handbook updates due 06/25/2022
    Email from M. Newell
    D/A Newell


    3:15-3:30 Thank you for your service I | All Thank you to the team for serving on the APBT this year. Farewell to our outgoing DASB reps Ivy Sim & Nicole Howard and Academic Senate rep Shagun Kaur.

    A = Action
    D = Discussion
    I = Information
    R = Recommendation

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