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Date: May 3, 2022
Time: 2:00-3:30 pm

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    2:00-2:05 Approve Notes from 01/25/2022 A Co-Chairs
     2:05-2:20 Dining Services Update I Gannon
     2:20-2:35 Printing Services Update I Mahato

    HEERF Funding Update - Extended to 06/30/2023

    I Varela
    2:50-3:05 Unfunded Positions
    I Grey/Varela

    Status Of Construction Projects

    I Mahato
     3:20-3:30 Agenda Items for Next Meeting / Quick News A All

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    The notes from 01/25/2022 were approved.

    Dining Services Update
    Gannon presented the new P/L format. Open Monday - Thursday. Hardly any orders after 3pm so have vending machines as an alternative. Serving a significantly reduced number of people per day. March 83-123 people per day. Will probably remain the same amount until Fall quarter. A few catering events scheduled.  Following the food policy rules. Greatest expense is salaries approx $76,653 per month. Staff are 10 or 11 month employees to mirror the academic schedule. Close 2nd week of August and open again an Opening days. Hardly any student workers. Total net sales for March $13,000. Cost of goods was $11,543. Gross profit of $1,472. Increased cost of goods. Some items up by 70%. This gross profit does not include running costs such as cleaning supplies, credit card costs, etc. Bottom line is a loss for March of $93,891. Total projected loss for the year is $678,703. HEERF funds were extended until June 2023. This year FY 21/22 & next year FY 22/23 HEERF will be covering losses. These financials reflect the $1.381M HEERF dollars that Dining Services received from lost revenue for 19/20 & 20/21. Estimates for lost revenue for FY 21/22 $764K and FY 22/23 $700K.  The situation concerning. Will bring updates to APBT each quarter. Student portion of HEERF funds are completely separate from the institutional funds. HEERF support for Dining Services comes from the institutional funds not the student funds. MOU with Faculty to teach 75% online will impact Dining Services. With so many changes the Dining Services model will have to be restructured. Serious concern regarding viability of the department.

     Printing Services
    Pre covid 2017 five staff including a director. By 2020 down to two staff; one technician and an part-time accounting TEA. Now there is only a technician. Prior to 2017 printing services was a robust operation with printing machines, presses etc. Today three rental copiers two with expiring leases at the end of 2022. Largely sustained by chargebacks from departments and bookstore. Bookstore chargebacks no longer exist. Annual printing expenses $221,000. Revenue from department chargebacks show a significant decline from 2014 up until covid. Impacts are the switch to online via the canvas shell and a district implemented managed print system project (MPS) where ETS deployed 67 machines across campus to used by everyone. MPS is more economical with as cost of .0249 as opposed to the print shop charge of .09 per copy. Also, the district took advantage of a Foundation for California Community Colleges (FCCC) cooperative contract with Office Depot for supplies and printing. Projections are concerning. Starting to see the MPS project lends itself to being the primary source of printing across the campus. Report reflects that some months the MPS system would have been able to print all the requests.  Annual cost $221,000. Monthly cost $18,417.  First 8 months revenue is $11,000. Current projected annual loss is $201,000. Projections based on actual revenue from FY 18/19 result in an nonself-sustainable  operation in 2021/2022. These numbers pre-date covid and thus reflect with or without covid projections. Plan to move one MPS machine to the print shop for the technician to use to support faculty printing. ETS is working on training classified staff and have already been to an Academic Senate meeting for training. Suggestion by Academic Senate to train the mailroom staff person is not viable as it this position had been reduced to 50% in the last round of budget reductions and is not in the job description. However, there is a print technician in the print shop to assist faculty. Report back from faculty that there was not any/enough notification or training on the new system which was frustrating as faculty could not/will not be able to print. The administrative assistant in the division office is the point of contact for departmental MPS machines. Machines in faculty offices etc., will be supported by the print services technician.  Launching the MPS system during covid has add another level of complexity. System is impressive but daunting to learn. Recognition for the staff person who replaces toner and brings paper.

    HEERF Institutional Funding Update - Extended to 06/30/2023

    Institutional received $26.5M. Students received almost $20M. Minority Serving Institution (MSI) received $123k. All of the MSI portion was allocated to students. This report is for institutional funds only. Financial Aid handle the student portion.

    Three different allocations: HEERF I $3.6M was spent by 2021. HEERF II $10.5M. Spent $5.3M. $5.2M in encumbrances and projects. HEERF III $12.3M. Projected encumbrances of $9.6M. Largest expenditure is backfilling lost revenue. Other expenses are PPE and updates to infrastructure (capital outlay). A lot of projects were initiated back in June 2021 based on guidelines from Federal Government. More projects have been initiated since then. All eligible institutional funding requests have been approved. Such as chemistry kits, biological kits, PE equipment, creative arts, IT and software, etc.

    Lost revenue not including but under discussion is non-resident tuition loss shortfall. Last numbers reflected approx. $2.9M shortfall for De Anza. Enterprise funds have experienced substantial losses. Including Child Development Center, Bookstore, Dining Services ($1.3M 19/20 & 20/21. $760K 21/22. $700K 22/23) , Print Shop, etc.

    Unfunded Positions
    Update from DBAC meeting where an unfilled position report dated 01/31/2022 was shared. The report reflected raw data which included positions in recruitment, unfunded positions, expired positions (i.e. temporary faculty backfill for PDL, etc.) and positions that had paperwork pending processing by HR.  De Anza's list identified approx. 50 unfilled positions. Updates to the information show that there are only approx. 6 faculty unfilled, funded positions. These positions will be on the IPBT hiring list for review.

    Status Of Construction Projects
    Mahato presented information which is posted on the above campus facilities website.

    HEERF Funded Construction Projects: Wifi Expansion; Drinking Fountain Replacement; HVAC Review/Modifications.
    Measure G Bond Project update: Project DA-001 Fire Alarm and Fire Suppression Modification and Upgrades; DA-005, Replacement of the Creative Arts Quad Buildings renamed Project 202 New Services for Students Building; Project DA-007 Building Exterior, Roofing and Waterproofing Campus-wide Renovations was renamed to Project 203 Modernization Campus Wide Building Exteriors; Project DA-015 Softball Facility Renovations and Repairs was renamed to Project 204 Convert Existing Facility to Beach Volleyball; DW-00 De Anza Event Center was renamed to Project 507 De Anza Event Center and Utilities Relocation; Upcoming bond list revision will include the creation of a restroom building renovation project for L5, S2, and S6 to include accessibility, gender neutral and infrastructure upgrades (DA-013, Building Interior and Exterior Improvements Campus-wide).  L-quad improvements are considerations for exterior building envelopes and any interior work. Not at the point of prioritizing the work, yet. Request to add sound proofing to the L quad. 

    Quick News/Information Sharing. Agenda items

    Follett: Follett hired a store manager will be starting in middle of May. Already have a book buyer and a operations manager.  Will start to see more integration and outreach with the positions filled. Ongoing conversations regarding OER. For such a large transition during covid
    Graduation: June 24. Onsite. Asking for volunteers.

    Kaur's two -years of service on the APBT is coming to an end. APBT will reach out to Academic Senate for a new member.

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