Meeting Notes - November 25, 2014

Welcome & Introduction

Cruz did an icebreaker exercise to promote team bonding

Budget Update from District

McElroy summarized the information in the four documents he distributed:

Recap of the State 2014-15 Budgets for Community Colleges November 25, 2014.

Property and income taxes are projected to be stable and this will help with stabilizing Community College apportionment. This is the second year of stable State funding, however the new funding comes with spending provisos.

 2014-15 First Quarter Update – De Anza Campus Budget Meeting -November 25, 2014

FHDA is still projecting a $2M deficit based on the adopted budget. The Board has approved using stability dollars to fund this deficit. If COLA is allocated it would add to the projected $2M deficit. FHDA carry forward at 2013-14 year end was approximately $14.5M.

FHDA analysis of projected CalSTRS and CalPERS Increased Costs for Fiscal Year’s 2014-15 Through 2020-21

Proposed increases mandated by CalSTRS and CalPERS to fund the unfunded retirement liability would result in FHDA paying approx. $11M more for the same employees by 2020-21.

FHDA General Purpose Fund 114 With 0.85% Salary COLA (Presentation only)

This presentation reflected the potential long-term impacts with a 0.85% COLA with no further revenue.

Student Equity

Equity Presentation

Equity Plan

Veronica Neal, Rowena Tomaneng & Mallory Newell are the tri-chairs of the Equity Action Council. Neal and Tomaneng reviewed the presentation in detail explaining the purpose, progress, goals and outcomes. SSSP, Equity and Basic Skills initiatives intersect in many areas. The Equity report will be submitted to the State in December prior to the January deadline. The full plan is posted online and is on the Board of Trustees agenda for December 8, 2014.

 A transparent funding allocation process would go through the PBTs and Campus Budget. 

The EAC requested that Campus Budget approve the funding allocations as per below for the 2014-15 year only.

Total amount allocated is approx. $670,000.

IPBT $424,372

SSPBT $245,000

The committee approved the request by consensus.

New Growth Funding Formula

Cheu explained how the new growth formula would work and how it would impact FHDA and De Anza. The maximum growth rate is 1 and FHDA would come in at approx. 1.02.

The new growth formula will likely negatively impact FHDA. It will be based on district boundaries rather than service areas. As many of our students come from outside our District boundaries FHDA anticipates this will negatively impact both colleges. There will be five assessing factors: 

Factor 1: Educational Attainment - Individuals over 25 years old without a bachelor’s degree

Factor 2: Unemployment

Factor 3: Poverty Percentage of students in District receiving Pell grants

Added by Chancellor’s Office

Factor 4: Participation Rate - Ratio of unduplicated headcount vs. census estimate of individuals

in District

Factor 5: Unfunded FTES - 3-Year average with at least 1% increase per year

Other CCDs in our area are basic aid so will not be impacted by this new formula.

The need for increased revenue to close achievement gaps and increase access is important but it is not the only key factor. 

There is a great deal of discussion and anxiousness surrounding this proposal. There is a general consensus that this proposed new funding formula reflects a lack of understanding from the department of finance.

Cheu will bring more information on the growth formula to the next meeting.

December Meeting

The December meeting will be canceled. The next meeting will be in January 2015.

Quick News/ Other Announcements

Happy Thanksgiving!

 Present: Cheu, Cruz, Joseph, Kirkpatrick, Neal, McElroy, Tomaneng, Watson. Quang Nguyen DASB. Notes: Gibson.

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