Ethnic Studies Multiracial Panel Series

Our Histories, Our Experiences, Our Lives: From Learning to Collective Action

This series was developed for everyone to learn from, about and with each other – with the goal of building multiracial alliances and a multiracial coalition at De Anza College, to support structural and systemic change. Each panel focused on experiences and perspectives relating to one of our core areas of ethnic studies. 

The panels were hosted on successive Fridays in April and May, 2021, by the Intercultural and International Studies Division in collaboration with the Office of Professional DevelopmentThe moderator for each panel was Edmundo Norte, dean of Intercultural and International Studies.

Missed the Events? You Can Watch the Videos Here

African American Studies

The first panel on April 30 focused on Black perspectives and African American studies, with

  • Khari Crawford, Student
  • Derrick Felton, Instructor, Psychology
  • Michele LeBleu-Burns, Dean, Student Development and EOPS
  • Nicholas Pope, Student
  • Deborah Taylor, Screening and Selection Coordinator, Nursing

(Note: Unfortunately the video recording started after this panel discussion began, so the first few minutes of introductions and comments are not included.)

Asian American and Asian Studies

The May 7 event focused on Asian American perspectives and experiences on racism, with

  • Chesa Caparas, Instructor and Faculty Coordinator, Jean Miller Resource Room
  • Marlo Custodio, Multimedia Producer, Office of Communications
  • Tom Izu, Executive Director Emeritus, California History Center
  • Kimberly Lam, Student

Chicanx/Latinx Studies

The May 14 panel focused on Latinx experiences and perspectives on racism. Panelists included

  • Rosanna Alvarez, Instructor, Women's Studies, Chicanx/Latinx Studies
  • Maritza Arreola, Student Activities Specialist
  • Fatima Cervantes, Student

Native American and Indigenous Studies 

The May 21 panel focused on Native American and Indigenous experiences and perspectives on racism. Panelists included

  • Meghan Kensler, Instructor, Native American Studies
  • Amanda Sullivan-Lee, Instructor, Pacific Islander History and Culture
  • Gregg Castro, t'rowt'raahl Salinan/rumsien-ramaytush Ohlone writer and activist

Comparative Ethnic Studies – Building Multiracial Alliances

The panel series concluded on May 28 with a discussion of comparative ethnic studies and building multiracial alliances. 

The conversation included reflections on the entire series, from several members of the previous panels.

Two hours of PGA credit will be awarded for attending each session. Part-time faculty members are eligible for additional pay for each session. Pleae contact the Office of Professional Development for questions about credit or compensation.

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