We Are the IIS Division.  Welcome!

Included in our Division are the ICS departments, International/Global studies, and 12 World Language Departments.  We work with students to develop a sophisticated knowledge base and critical understanding of the multiple definitions and elements of culture, including the psychology, history, and sociology of language, politics, and power dynamics in human relationships at the individual, interpersonal, and institutional/systemic levels. 

We welcome you to explore our course offerings that can lead to certificates and degrees in areas that can build your capacity to work effectively on a wide range of areas, including but not limited to fields of community advocacy, education, public policy, etc. and also enhance your effectiveness and desirability in a number of other careers and vocations.  And, specifically regarding our ICS course offerings, De Anza College so clearly recognizes the importance of what every person needs to understand through our ICS/Ethnic Studies courses, that we are the only program on Campus for which talking at least one course is a requirement for graduation; that is, De Anza College's "ICS Requirement" for graduation with an AA or AS degree. (ICS and ICS-created courses are indicated by an asterisk in the College Catalog.)  

Spring  2020 Featured Courses

  • ICS 20: Asian American Experiences: Past and Present Instructor: Mae Lee CRN: 46448 Fully Online.
    Fulfills DAC GE D, CSUGE, IGETC 4
  • ICS 22: Contemporary Asian American Communites
    Instructor: Mae Lee CRN: 45567 Fully Online.
    Fulfills DAC GE D, CSUGE D, IGETC 4
  • ICS 24: Asian Pacific American Literature
    Instructor: Chesa Caparas CRN: 42842 TR 10:30AM-12:20PM
    Fulfills DAC GE C2, CSUGE C2,IGETC 3B
  • INTL 10/ARTS 2G: Arts of Asia
    Instructor: So Kam Lee CRN (46373 for ARTS 2G) Fully Online
    Fulfills DAC GE C1, CSUGE C1,IGETC 3A
  • INTL/HIST 19 A: History of China & Japan (to the 19th Century)
    Instructor: Soo Choi CRN: 45633 (45634 for HIST 19A) F 9:30AM-1:20PM
    Fulfills DAC GE D, CSUGE D, IGETC 4
  • ICS 19 Justice, Nature And The Geography Of Identites. Instructor Cassie Blume T TH 1:30PM - 3:20 PM CRN: 46829


The IIS Division Office is also located in De Anza’s Multicultural Center (MCC) (map), one of the hearts of our Campus, where individuals, small student groups, sent organizations of all kinds come to study, plan and organize together, hold meetings and special events, and engage in a variety of community-building activities with a multicultural flavor.  The Multicultural Center is supported by DASB funding, so please do come and use this communal space!

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