How to get involved with La Voz News

La Voz News, De Anza's student newspaper since 1967, serves as a way for you to get involved on campus, as a reader and/or contributor. Learn how below, or drop by our lab in Room L41.

JOIN THE EDITORIAL STAFF as a reporter, photographer and/or graphic artist (3 units of credit)

  • Become a reporter, photographer or graphic artist by enrolling in JOUR 61a (no prerequisite, no journalism experience required). Attend classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30-4:45 p.m. in Room L42.
  • Meet class requirements including weekly submissions to La Voz News.

APPLY TO BE AN EDITOR (3 units of credit)

  • After taking JOUR 61a, apply for an editor position by emailing the adviser at (The letter should consist of an up-to-300 word summary which details your journalism experience and interest in a position.)
  • If you are approved after an interview, enroll in JOUR 61c. You will be expected to meet class and editor position requirements.

FREELANCE FOR CREDIT (1 unit credit and permission to use lab/newsroom)

  • Sign up for JOUR 62a, b, c, d, e or f (see schedule of classes)
  • Contribute in the area of reporting, photojournalism, videojournalism, digital, graphics or copy editing for La Voz News. Attend the required orientation during the first week of the quarter.
  • If you have an area of interest (sports, entertainment, news, etc.), introduce yourself to the section editor in that area.


 Send a letter of up to 300 words, or a "guest perspective" to the editor-in-chief on on the La Voz News website, or send by email to Include your full name, affiliation or title (e.g., De Anza student, community member, etc.), and telephone and email contact information.


 La Voz News covers the people and events of De Anza College. If you know of a story we should be covering, email us at, message us on our Facebook page or visit us in Room L41.

Get Involved With La Voz

NOTE: Contributing to La Voz does not guarantee publication.

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