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    The Certificate of Achievement in Korean Language and Culture provides opportunities to engage in the Korean and Korean American communities of the Bay Area or participate in business and trade with Korea. For students who already speak Korean with their families, the certificate will provide the opportunity to extend their linguistic repertoire and validate their knowledge, particularly as applied to their careers. In addition to satisfying a transfer language requirement, the Certificate of Achievement in Korean Language and Culture offers benefits for those engaging in future study or work in civil service or the private sector. The certificate is designed to provide intensive language experience by equipping students with practical language skills to function in an increasingly internationalized and competitive marketplace. It provides opportunities to develop Korean language skills in the areas of speaking, listening, reading and writing, as well as understanding Korean culture, history, society and politics. The Korean Language and Culture certificate serves students who would like to or need to have their language competency recognized as an add-on to their career skills. Many of our students are interested in teaching English in Korea through the EPIC, TALK programs or in Korean private companies. The certificate also enhances studentsí job opportunities with Korean-related companies.


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