2022 Global Issues Conference:

Climate, Sovereignty and Power

  • Keynote speaker: Valentin Lopez, Amah Mutsun tribal chair
  • Wednesday, Feb. 23: 9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

Missed the Conference? Watch the Video Here

This year's Keynote speaker: Amah Mutsun Tribal Chair Valentin Lopez is working to protect the tribe‚Äôs most sacred ceremonial site, Juristac. Located south of Gilroy, Juristac is both an ancient cultural site and an ecologically sensitive wildlife corridor. It is threatened by a proposed open-pit mine that would remove over 40 million tons of materials, leveling entire hillsides in the process. 


Previous Conferences

Global Issues ConferenceThe annual Global Issues Conference provides a platform for students to share their research and ideas. In line with the college's institutional core competencies, the conference is an opportunity for students to recognize their role as local, national and global citizens.

It is our hope that the workshops in the conference encourage students to participate in the democratic process, practice respect for social and cultural diversity, appreciate the complexity of the physical world, and understand the significance of environmental sustainability.

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