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Each academic quarter marks a new beginning for Cross Cultural Partners. New students join the program to share their cultural history and traditions, while improving English conversational skills with their partners. To provide an even broader cultural exchange, two special events take place that allow participants to interact with other partners in the program. This quarter the registration is from April 18 to April 28.

By the fourth or fifth week of the quarter, the program has its first event. At this friendly get together, partners get oriented to the program and meet other participants.  There is live entertainment as well as some games to break the ice - it is not just an orientation! For the date and to RSVP, click here!

At the final get together, which takes place in the 10th week of the program, Cross Cultural Partners gathers to celebrate their shared experiences. Partners talk about the differences and similarities in each other's cultures and of the new friendships they have made. Participants also enjoy an international food experience. For the date and to RSVP, click here!

ESL students report increased self-confidence in using English. Many are delighted that their communication skills have improved. The informal atmosphere and light refreshments add to the happy memories the program offers.

Please see Success Stories for personal statements.

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