I'd like to do student teaching but ...

Many of our students would like to take the Student Teaching Practicum, but they believe their work schedules will not allow it. We have developed a variety of options to accommodate many working students as follows:

Location Age of children Weekly Hours Required
De Anza Preschool Center 3 - 6 years 2 mornings pr week (10 hours)
De Anza Infant/Toddler Center 18 months - 3 years 2 mornings pr week (10hours)
De Anza Summer Intensive 3 - 6 years 4 mornings per week for 6 weeks (20 hours per week)
Selected Mentor Teacher at Community Sites 0 -8 years Hours by arrangement

PracticumWho should take the Student Teaching Practicum?

The practicum meets the Child Development permit requirement for supervised experience. It is required for an Associate of Arts Degree in Child Development and the Certificate of Proficiency. It is an elective for the Certificate of Achievement. Students planning to transfer to a university or to enter careers in psychology, sociology, counseling, or nursing will also find the practicum an excellent introduction to interaction with young children.

When is the Practicum offered?

Student Teaching Practicum is offered every quarter throughout the year. For the Fall, Winter, and Praticum StudentsSpring practicums at De Anza you will participate two days per week. You may choose Mondays and Wednesdays or Tuesdays and Thursdays. During Summer Quarter, a special 6 week intensive practicum is offered. You will participate four days per week, Monday and Thursday.

How do I register?

The course number is the same for all quarters: CD51 Student Teaching Practicum. At the first class meeting you and your instructor will determine your personal schedule based on program needs at the site you have chosen.

When is the best time to take practicum?

For most students, it is better to take practicum after taking CD10G Child Development . The Early Years and at least one curriculum course such as CD 53 or CD 55. Some students choose to wait until they have completed most of their classes in Child Development before taking practicum.

Why can't I do my student teaching where I work?

Student teaching is a laboratory course that requires supervision by a college instructor. Only sites where an instructor or a mentor certified by the California Mentor Teacher program are present meet the supervised experience requirement for the degrees and permits necessary to work in the field of Child Development.

student with toddlerFurther questions?

We welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss other questions or concerns. Please call 408.864.8822 to make an appointment for program advisement or to be referred to the current practicum instructor.

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