The ICC will fund ONE banner not to exceed $150 per academic year (July 1 - June 30)
That doesn't mean that we will fund two banners that doesn't exceed $150.
The club will have to pay for the 2nd banner.
The club may not be on Probation and asks for a budget.

The club needs to fill out an ICC Budget Request Form (#1) on the ICC Literature Rack (located in front of the Office of College Life signed by two club officers and the club advisor. The club needs to bring the ICC Budget Form and a copy of the Club's #44 account and a copy of the Club Banner design (printed copy or we have even looked at the design on a cell phone or a computer screen.

The club budget request form goes to the ICC Mtg where it needs to be approved.
Please allow another club to make and second the motion. The club is allowed to vote at the ICC Meeting for their club budget request.

Club Vinyl Banner Information
Usually the banner is 3 ft x 6 ft. so it will be taped to the front of a table.
The ICC has a table cover so we just drape it on the table and don't need to use tape.

Artwork to be done in PDF.
Save as Press quality PDF.

There is a choice of having grommets (holes in the banner so it can be hung up)

The design needs to be in proportion to 3'x 6' (which is 36 inches by 72 inches) so the height of the rectangular will be half of the width of the rectangular. If you are providing a file that is not to size then it must be in proportions, the height of the rectangular has to be half of the width of the rectangular. For example: 5" x 10" design would work.
We will enlarge the file proportionally to get to 36"x72".

The ICC has a table draping banner which is placed over the top of the table (which is blank) and the banner design is in front of the banner. There are no grommets on this table banner.

The table banner is 5'x6' - we will add 2' of white material to the top of the banner to drape over the table

Please create a design for a 3'x6' banner and we will do the rest

Send by email or ask questions to:

Advantage Grafix Logo

Office Hours: Mon. - Fri. 8 am - 5 pm

You will need to pick up and pay for the banner when you pick up the banner.
Please pay with cash, check or a credit card

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