Word files for Applied Finite Mathematics 3rd edition , 2016, Rupinder Sekhon and Roberta Bloom

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The files below are the Word documents for Applied Finite Mathematics 3rd edition, 2016, which is created under a Creatiive Commons License v4.0.
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Attribution should refer to both prior editions of the book (listed below) and attribution should be included even if you are using only part (some chapters or excerpts) but not the entire textbook
Applied Finite Mathematics 2nd edition, 1996, Rupinder Sekhon
Applied Finite Mathematics 3rd eition, 2016, Roberta Bloom and Rupinder Sekhon

The pdf files of these textbooks contain the text and homework word files interleaved so that the appropriate homework for each section immediately follows the text for that section

Chapter 1  Text  Homewok  Linear Models

Chapter 2  Text   Homework  Matrices

Chapter 3   Text   Homework  Linear Programming - Geometric Solutions

Chapter 4   Text   Homework  Linear Programming - Simplex Method

Chapter 5  Text  Homewok  Exponential Growth and Decay Models and Logarithmic Functions

Chapter 6  Text   Homework  Financial Calculations

Chapter 7   Text   Homework  Sets and Counting

Chapter 8   Text   Homework  Probability

Chapter 9  Text  Homewok  More Topics in Probability

Chapter 10  Text   Homework  Markov Chains

Chapter 11   Text   Homework  Game Theory

Chapter 12   Calculator Instructions

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