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Applied Finite Mathematics 3rd edition 2016 by Sekhon/Bloom


This textbook link was most recently updated 8/6/2018. 
If you downloaded a copy of the pdf file before that date, please download a new copy of this file.  

Student Supplement:
Answers to Selected Homework and All Review Questions


 Textbook Updates/ERRATA

The list below will contain errata not yet corrected  (if any) in the pdf file of the book.
Please note these errata (if any) when using the book in print or online format.

No outstanding known errata - please email if you find any errors that need to be corrected.

Previous Errata - already corrected in most current online version of this textbook

  • ERRATA archive - Replacement pages for copies printed between 8/2016 and 8/6/2018

Link to Word Files used to create textbook pdf file.  This is an Open Eduational Resource published under a Creative Commons Share Alike License 4.0

Previous Edition of Textbook - NOT for current use in Math 11 - archived here for reference purposes only

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